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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)

Miscellaneous Committees

Committees (primarily defunct) not associated with a Board

I.    Miscellaneous Committees

A. Advisory to Ft. Detrick 1963-70

B. Aquatic Microbiology 1964-66

C. Bacteriological Technic 1907-60

D. Bergey's Manual Trust: see Part 12

E. Biological Warfare (ad hoc)1947-70

F. Information Science 1965-75

G. Inter-American Society of Microbiology 1945-56

H. Legislation 1969-71


J. Resolutions 1935-52

K. Taxonomy 1916-80

L. War 1942-45

M. General


I. Miscellaneous Committees

Committees (primarily defunct) not associated with a Board.

A.    Advisory to Fort Detrick

See also Biological Warfare Committee below

1. Correspondence of Donald E. Shay, Secretary of ASM, 1967-70

2. Correspondence of Robert E. Hungate, 1967-68, 1970-72

3. Correspondence of Riley W. Housewright, Technical Director, Fort Detrick, 1967-68

4. Correspondence of Werner Braun, committee member, 1963-67

5. Correspondence of A.F. Langlykke, 1970

6. Reports, 1965-68; memoranda and resolutions, 1967-68; clippings, 1956-68

B.    Aquatic Microbiology

This committee became the Section on Aquatic Microbiology in 1968; the Division of Aquatic Microbiology in 1973; the Division of Aquatic and Terrestrial Microbiology in 1974; and the Division of Microbial Ecology after 1988. See Divisions for Newsletter

1. Report to Council, 1965; notices, 1964-66; lists of workers in aquatic microbiology, 1965; clippings from ASM News, 1963-65

C.    Bacteriological Technique

1. Pure Culture Study Charts, 1907-l934 -- includes H. W. Conn's second chart, forerunner of the chart of 1907; the 1907 chart; F. P. Gorham's chart, 1913; 1914 chart; 1917 chart; 1920 chart; l924 chart; 1929 chart 1934 chart; letter of transmittal of charts, H.J. Conn to Barnett Cohen, 1935

2. Charts sold by ASM, ca. 1960

3. Charts, 1960s (from files of R. W. Sarber)

4. Correspondence of Johns Hays Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer of SAB, 1951-56

5. Clippings from the News Letter of the SAB, 1935-56; list of committee members, 1932-1951

6. Pure Culture Study of Bacteria, vol. 1-18, bound (missing, vol. 1, #2); miscellaneous numbers, 1932-1937, in phase box

7. Manual of Methods, 2 looseleaf sets; miscellaneous leaflets, 1933-1952, in phase box (See later material in Part 4, III B)

D.    Bergey's Manual Committee

See Bergey Manual Trust under Relations to Other Organizations. In 1938 the Bergey Manual was incorporated and was no longer directly sponsored by the SAB

E.    Biological Warfare (Ad Hoc)

See also Advisory to Fort Detrick, 8-I A

1. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr, Secretary-Treasurer of SAB, 1947

2. Correspondence of Henry W. Scherp, Secretary-Treasurer of SAB, 1951-52

3. Chronology of ASM activities related to biological warfare from 1942-1970, 1985

F.    Information">Information Science

1. Reports to Council, 1969-79

2. Correspondence of Robert E. Hungate, 1970

3. Correspondence of Lawrence Ware, member of Committee, 1966, 1968

4. Clippings from ASM News, 1969-75

G.    Inter-American Society of Microbiology

1. Correspondence of L. W. Parr, 1945-46; progress report, 1946; correspondence of Barnett Cohen with Karl F. Meyer and others, 1950;

2. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer of SAB, 1953, 1956

3. Clippings from SAB Newsletter, 1941-1948



J.    Resolutions

1. Report, 1938; clippings, 1935-1952

K.    Taxonomy (Classification)

1. Reports to Council, 1965-80

2. Correspondence of C.-E. A. Winslow, 1916-l9

3. Letter of G.H. Robinson to William Mansfield Clark, President, on classification of fungi, 1933

4. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary, 1955-56

5. Correspondence of J. Roger Porter, ex-officio member, 1956

6. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1971

7. Clippings from SAB News Letter/ASM News, 1935, 1963-71 -- includes reports to Council, 1963-71

L.    War

1. Memoranda and reports, 1942-43 -- files of Selman A. Waksman, President (Thomas M. Rivers, Chairman)

2. Handbook of Descriptions of Specialized Fields in Bacteriology, written by War Committee for the National Roster of Scientific and Specialized Personnel, 1945; clippings from SAB NewsLetter, 1942-43

M.    Other Committees

1. Correspondence: Leland Parr to W.D. Hammon on committee policy, 1948; correspondence of E. M. Foster, 1958-61

2. Committees, A-G -- miscellaneous reports and clippings

3. Committees, H-Z -- miscellaneous reports and clippings