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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)

Vertical Files

Since the beginnings of the American Society for Microbiology's Archives program in the 1930s, the records of the Society, as well as non-Society materials on various topics related to microbiology, have been collected. These include clippings, brochures, manuscripts, reprints, government bulletins, etc. As these materials were being refoldered and inventoried, an attempt was made to move as many items as possible to the book collection: researchers are therefore advised to search the ASM Book Collection on the UMBC Online Catalog as well as the vertical files for items on a given topic.

The following is a list of topics covered in the vertical files. The quantity of material varies greatly; files marked with an asterisk are more substantial (at least 2" of material.) Cross-references to other parts of the ASM Archives Collections are included.

Researchers are encouraged to contact the Archivist for further information.

Agriculture and Plant Pathology

Antibiotics (see also The David Perlman Collection, 1939-1980The Ward J. MacNeal Papers)

  • *General
  •   Bacitracin
  •   Erythromycin
  • *Penicillin
  • *Streptomycin (see also Presidential File of Selman Waksman, Part 13 II-AR)
  •   Other Compounds

  Awards, Nobel (for ASM-sponsored or -administered awards, see Records of the Society: Awards

*Biotechnology (see also Harlyn O. Halvorson Papers)

Comics/ Humor

*Culture Collections (see also Presidential files of Winslow [13-II O] and Rogers [13-II X]; Relations to Other Organizations, ATCC [12-I B]; ATCC Archives in UMBC Special Collection.)

*Dairy (includes Scrap Books of A.R. Ward, 1899-1908)


  •  General
  •   AIDS
  •   Anthrax
  • *Botulism
  •   Brucellosis (see also Presidential File of Evans, 13-II AD)
  •   Chicken Plague
  •   Cholera (incl. Hog Cholera)
  •   Coccidiomycosis/coccidioidal Granuloma
  •   Dengue
  •   Diphtheria
  •   Filiariasis
  •   Heartwater
  •   Hepatitis
  •   Herpes
  •   Influenza
  •   Leprosy
  •   Legionnaires'
  •   Leucemia of Chickens
  •   Kala-azar
  •   Malaria
  •   Measles
  •   Meningitis
  •   Molluscum Contagiosum
  •   Mosaic Disease of Bean
  •   Mumps
  •   Mycoses
  •   Pappataci Fever
  •   Plague
  •   Pneumonia
  •   Pneumonitis
  •   Polio (see also Cox Presidential File, 13--II BK)
  •   Puerpural Fever
  •   Rabies
  •   Rheumatic Fever
  •   Rinderpest
  •   Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  •   Rous' Sarcoma
  •   Salmonella
  •   Scarlet Fever
  •   Schistosomiasis
  •   Smallpox
  •   Swine Flu
  •   Syphillis
  •   Tetanus
  •   Trachoma
  •   Tuberculosis
  • *Tularemia (see also Susan W. Rockwood Collection of Edward Francis Material 1901-1979
  •   Typhoid Fever
  •   Typhus
  •   Venereal Disease
  •   Yellow Fever (see also Walter Reed Material in Bio/bibliography files [file lists not currently online]

*Education (see also Records of the Society: Education and Training Board, Part 5, especially Section 1, Antecedent Committees)

*Fermentation (see also The David Perlman Collection, 1939-1980

Food Bacteriology/Canning

History of Medicine

*History of Microbiology




Laboratory Safety

*Microscopy (see also Leeuwenhoek material in Bio/Bibliography files; holdings of non- ASM journals [file lists not currently online])


Plant Pathology

Public Health (see also Regional History Files: United States - Washington DC - United States Public Health Service; Honorary Member file on J.C. Geiger, 7-II G, Folder 11, and audiotape interview w/ Geiger)

Sanitation/Water Standards

Soil Microbiology/Nitrogen Fixation

*Virology/Phage (see also The Ward J. MacNeal Papers)

*Virology/Arbovirus Materials 1-4includes materials from the Subcommittee on Arthropod-Borne Virus Information Exchange; see link below.


Water Microbiology/ Quality