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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)

Branch Histories Available from the ASM Archives

[Note: The Archives contain a number of histories of the development of microbiology in various regions of the country which occasionally include information on local Branches. Reference is made to these regional histories when the material concerning the Branch is fairly substantial.]

See also Regional History Files: United States, or contact the Archivist at


Connecticut Valley:

  • Bruce, Arthur. 1998. "The Connecticut Valley Branch, ASM: The First Twenty-Five Years." 6 pp.

Central New York:

  • Anonymous. 1974. "Branch Histories: Central New York." ASM News 40:9, 683-684

Eastern New York:

  • Anonymous. 1985. "A Brief History of the Eastern New York Branch of the American Society for Microbiology on its Golden Anniversary." 11 pp.

New York City:

  • Maloney, Edward F. 1975. "History of the New York City Branch, American Society for Microbiology;" in Chase, Merrill, ed. "Microbiology in New York City," 62-68


  • Anonymous. 1975. "Branch Histories: Northeast." ASM News 41:1, 42-43 

See also the appendices in Thomas, Emy. 1999. "Microbiology in the Northeast Branch of the American Society for Microbiology: A Historical Review, 1989-1999," 104-118 



  • Smith, Andrew G. 1975. "History of the Maryland Branch, American Society for Microbiology." ASM News 41:2, 119-121
  • Smith, Andrew G. 1996. "History of the Maryland Branch, ASM, 1931-1995." 5 pp.

Theobald Smith Society - New Jersey:

  • Darken, Marjorie, Clara McKee, and Walter J. Nickerson. 1951. "Theobald Smith Society, 1941-1951." 16 pp.
  • Kull, Frederick C. 1964. "The Theobald Smith Society, 1941-1964." Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science 9:2, 61-67
  • Waksman, Selman, Robert Starkey, and Richard Donovick. 1965. "Theobald Smith Society;" in Microbiology in New Jersey: Origins and Developments. Washington, DC: American Society for Microbiology.
  • Gillespie, Hazel B. 1975. "New Jersey: The Theobald Smith Society (1941-1974)." ASM News 41:1, 43-45 

Eastern Pennsylvania:

  • Miller, Linda A., Harry E. Morton, and James A. Poupard, eds. 1987. "A History of the Eastern Pennsylvania Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, 1920-1987." 97 pp.
  • Poupard, James A., "A History of Microbiology in Philadelphia: 1880 to 2010: including a detailed history of the Eastern Pennsylvania Branch of the American Society for Microbiology from 1920 to 2010." Xlibrius Corp., Bloomington, IN, 2010. 414 pp. (QR22 U6 P68)   
  • Poupard, James A., "Ruth Emma Miller, Ph.D. The First Female President of the Eastern PA Branch of ASM and Her Female Successors." 



  • Stolz, John. 1997. "ABASM History." 1 p.


  • Gregory, Richard L. 1997. "History of the Indiana Branch of the ASM." 4 pp.



  • Rights, Fred L. 1974. "Branch Histories: Michigan." ASM News 40:12, 906-907

Western New York:

  • Anderson, K.E., and S.M. Regina Lanigan. 1975. "Western New York." ASM News 41:3, 231-232
  • Anderson, K., S.M. Regina Lanigan and Paulette G. Hammond. 1982. "A History of the Western New York Branch of the ASM: The First Decade." 5 p. 




  • Streitfeld, Murray M., and Jerry R. Sisler. 1980. "History of the South Florida Branch, ASM." 1 p.
  • Wodzinski, Rudy J. 1988. "History of the Florida Branch, ASM." 3 pp.

North Carolina:

  • Fulghum, Robert S., et al. 1997. "History of the North Carolina Branch of American Society for Microbiology: Fifty Years of Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Immunology, 1947-1997." 25 pp. 

Puerto Rico:

  • El Khoury, Alice, et al. 1996 [?]. "The First 39 Years of the Puerto Rico Society of Microbiologists, 1957-1996." 54 pp.

South Carolina:

  • Lindler, Gene N., and Ann W. Baxter. "South Carolina." ASM News 41:2, 121-123 

South Central:

  • Magee, Lyman A. 1967. "Two Decades of the South Central Branch." 72 pp.
  • ______________ 1974. "South Central." ASM News 40:11, 852-855
  • ______________ 1977. "History of the South Central Branch, American Society for Microbiology." 4 pp.

See also pp. 3-31 in Socolofsky, M.D., and J. Storz. 1997. "A Half Century of Progress in Microbiology: South Central Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, 1947-1997."





  • Jensen, Floyd B. 1974. "Illinois Society for Microbiology." ASM News 40:9, 685-687
  • Anonymous. 1995. "Illinois Society for Microbiology: 60 Years of Commitment, 1935-1995." 17 pp.


North Central:

  • Williams, Phletus P. 1979. "Abridged History: North Central Branch of ASM." ASM News 45:12, 631-635


  • Newman, Gayle, ed. 1999. "The Northwest Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, 1945-1998." 125 pp.


Missouri Valley:  

Rio Grande:

  • Brierley, Corale L. 1974. "Branch Histories: New Mexico." ASM News 40:11, 851-852  

Rocky Mountain:  


  • Cook, Eula Belle Maley. 1966. "The Silver Years: Texas Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." 11 pp.
  • Cook, E.B.M., C.E. Lankford and V.T. Schuhardt. "Texas." ASM News 40:12, 908-909


Arizona/Southern Nevada: 

Northern California:

  • Archives Committee. 1995. "Northern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology: Sixtieth Anniversary, 1935-1995. Commemorative Edition." 27 pp.

Southern California:

  • Kurtz, Harry, et al. 1996 [?]. "Sixtieth Anniversary of the Southern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." 28 pp.


  • Anonymous. 1974. "Branch Histories: Hawaii Branch." ASM News 40:10, 769


  • Nicholes, Paul S. 1978. "The History of the Intermountain Branch of the ASM." ASM News 44:7, 364-367