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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)


Size:  14 Linear Feet


I.   Origins and General

     A. SAB Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel 1942-52

     B. SAB [reorganized] Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel ("Spaulding Committee") 1952-55

     C. General 1956--

     D. Relations to ASM 1963-69


II.  Board of Governors, Executive Committee, Fellows

     A. Agendas, Minutes of BOG and Exec. Committee 1956--

     B. Budgets, Financial Statements 1960-84

     C. File of G.I. Wallace, Secretary, 1957-1967

     D. Elections and Nominating Committee (for members of BOG) 1964--

     E. Lists of Fellows 1957--

     F. Minutes of Fellows Meetings 1959-90

     G. Correspondence 1960-86

     H. Miscellaneous reports, memoranda, resolutions 1960-75


III. National Registry of Microbiologists

     A. Governance 1963--

     B. Certification Program 1960-92

     C. Other Activities 1967-81

     D. Newsletter -- "The Loop" 1965--

     E. Miscellaneous 1970-83

     F. Executive Council of the Registrants


IV. American Board of Medical Microbiology (ABMM)

     (founded as American Board of Microbiology, 1958)

     A. Governance 1959--

     B. Certification, General 1959--

     C. Standards and Examinations Committees 1960-85

     D. Diplomates 1962-95

     E. Papers of Leroy McLaren, Chairman of Standards and Examination Committee for Virology, 1977-1983


V. American Board For Medical Laboratory Immunology (ABMLI) (1976) 

     A. Minutes 1976--

     B. Correspondence and Other Records 1980-95


VI. Committee on Postdoctoral Educational Programs (CPEP)

     A. Governance 1979--

     B. Memoranda, Correspondence 1961-80

     C. "Essentials,""Procedures Manuals" 1961--

     D. File of M.M. Brook, BOG Meeting items related to CPEP 1962-74

     E. Applications from Institutions to CPEP (incl. Annual Reports) 1963--

     F. CPEP Application to U.S. Dept. of Education 1977-94


VII. Other Committees - Brief Records Relating to Various Committees (1961 -- )

     A. General

     B. [Annual Meeting Program]

     C. [Awards See separate inventory, PART NINE]

     D. Civil Service Standards

     E. ad hoc Commission on Certification and Accreditation Programs of the Academy

     F. Council on Education and Laboratories

     G. Elections

     H. Exhibit Committee

     I. Foreign Visiting Professorships

     J. Guidance for Training in Microbiology

     K. Infectious Diseases

     L. Latin American Candidates for Fellowship

     M. Latin American Professorship Program

     N. Legislative

     O. Liaison with Chemists and Other Allied Health Sciences

     P. Membership

     Q. Planning Committee and Task Force

     R. Professional Affairs in Clinical and Public Health

     S. Ad Hoc Review Committee (Sunset Committee)

     T. Standards Committee 



 (see also papers of H.O. Halvorson, and Robert Williams; Ira L. Baldwin and Dennis Watson presidential files; also National Research Council in VERTICAL FILE: OTHER ORGANIZATIONS)


A.  SAB Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel

     1. Correspondence of William B. Sarles, Secretary of SAB, with Thomas Rivers and others on certification, 1942

     2. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr, Secretary of SAB, 1946-49

     3. Correspondence of John E. Blair, Secretary of SAB, 1949

     4. Correspondence of John E. Blair, 1950

     5. Correspondence of Henry W. Scherp, Secretary of SAB, 1950-52

     6. Correspondence of William M. Hammon, President of SAB, 1949

     7. File of bylaws, statement of intent, application forms for proposed American Board of Medical Microbiology, 1950

     8. Constitution of proposed American Institute of Microbiology, ca. 1950, and letter from Jerome T. Syverton to L. S. McClung, 1958

     9. Clippings from SAB Newsletter 1944-ca. 1955 -- includes reports to Council  


B.  SAB (Reorganized) Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel ("Spaulding Committee")

     1. Report to Council, 1953

     2. Correspondence of Lester O. Krampitz, member of the committee, 1952-4

     3. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer of SAB, 1955  


C.  General

     1. Bylaws, 1970, 1977, revisions, 1993, 1997

     2. Proposed Articles of Incorporation, 1956; Announcement of formation of AAM and Certificate of Incorporation, 1956; revisions, 1958, 1965; Organization Table, 1960; memoranda of Committee on Revising the Certificate of Incorporation, 1963-64; certificate of dissolution, 1970

     3. Announcements concerning fellowship, nomination forms, brochures, guidelines and procedures, certificate of fellowship, ca. 1955-87

     4. Newsletter, 1957-68, 1991-

     5. History: chronology to 1985; materials from 30th anniversary exhibit, 1986; list of chairmen and members of the Board of Governors from 1956 to 1986; correspondence of the Archivist. See also history article by H.O. Halvorson, ASM News 33:4, p.14

     6. Miscellaneous reports

     7. Colloquium reports: "Procedures Manual for Organizing a Critical Issues Workshop," 1988; "Critical Issues Workshop on Quality Microbiology and the Public Health," 1988; "Diagnostic Instrumentation, Automation and Kit Technology," 1991; "Scientific Foundations of Bioremediation: Current Status and Future Needs," 1992; "Strategies and Mechanisms for Field Research in Environmental Bioremediation," 1993; "Dynamic Issues in Scientific Integrity: Collaborative Research," 1994; "The Microbial World: Foundation of the Biosphere," 1996; "A Global Decline in Microbiological Safety of Water: A Call for Action," 1996; "Basic Research for the Future: Opportunities in Microbiology," 1996

     8. Strategic Plan, 1995

     9. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1956-86


D.  Relations to ASM

     1. Report to Council of ASM representative, 1964-86

     2. Joint Committee of ASM and AAM: reports to Council, 1966-69

     3. Joint Committee of ASM and AAM: correspondence of Robert E. Hungate, member, 1963-64  



 (see also L. Joe Berry Papers, Series 2, Subseries 1)

A.    Agendas, Reports and/or Minutes of Board of Governors and Executive Committee

     1. 1961-64 [minutes for 1956-74 are in bound ledgers]

     2. 1965-69

     3. DELETED

     4. 1974-79

     5. 1980-89

     6. 1991-96  

B.    Budgets and Financial Statements

     1. 1960-84

C.    File of G. I. Wallace, Secretary, 1957-67. Includes minutes, reports, memoranda, correspondence, fellowship lists, newsletters.

[Binders of materials relating to the Academy have also been found in the basement of ASM Headquarters. Materials from these binders which do not duplicate those in the Wallace files are included in this section as, e.g., 1A:

     1. 1957-59

     2. 1960

     3. 1961

     4. 1962 (2 folders)

     5. 1963

     6. 1964

     7. 1965 (2 folders)

     8. 1966 (2 folders)

     9. 1967  

D.    Elections and Nominating Committee (for members of the Board of Governors)

     1. Ballots, 1964-92, 1996 -- includes correspondence of Chairman of Board of Governors with Fellows

     2. Correspondence and memoranda of Marion M. Brooke, Chairman, 1979-80  

E.    Lists of Fellows (see also Committee on Elections)

     1. 1957-1964

     2. 1965-1976

     3. 1977--

F.    Minutes of Fellows meetings

     1. 1959-1990

G.   Correspondence (See also correspondence in file of G.I. Wallace above)

     1. Correspondence of G.I. Wallace concerning nomination of heads of departments as Fellows, 1960-61

     2. Duplicated correspondence of the Executive Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Governors                                      with members of the Board, 1964-77

     3. Duplicated correspondence of the Chairman of the Board of Governors with Fellows, 1963-   

          86 Correspondence of Werner Braun, member and Chairman (1968-69) of the Board of Governors,                                1967-69 (6 folders)

     4. Correspondence of L.S. McClung, member of the Board of Governors, 1957-67

     5. Correspondence of Robert Hungate, member of the Board of Governors, 1969-70  

H.   Miscellaneous reports, memoranda, resolutions

     1. McKeown Report of the American Medical Association on Relationships of Medicine with Allied Health                      Professions, and letter from Charles A. Evans, Chairman of Board of Governors, to Fellows of AAM, 1960

     2. Annual Report of the Executive Secretary, 1965

     3. Resolution of Board of Governors to defer graduate students from the draft, n.d. (1960s)

     4. Statement on Clinical Microbiology and Qualifications for Supervisory and Technical Personnel, n.d.

     5. "Evaluation of a Need for an American Board of General Microbiology," by Howard Bodily. Report to                             Board of Governors, 1970

     6. Annual Report of the Academy, 1974-75, by W.J. Cromartie, 1975

     7. Miscellaneous committee reports, 1959-74   



 A. Governance

1. Minutes, Agendas: 1963, 1975-86, 1994-

2. Memo to Board Members from Chairman, 1996

3. Operations Manual Revision, 1977; Rules and Regulations, 1979-82

4. Code of Ethics, n.d.  

B. Certification program

1. Lists of Registrants, 1962-83, 1992

2. Program information, application forms, and certificate, 1963-; "Past History of the Registry," by W.J. Payne, 1973; Timeline: "NRM Policy Changes," 1960-83; Responsibilities of NRM Exam Development Chairs, 1995

3. Clippings from ASM News and elsewhere, 1964-

4. Exams, 1968

5. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1972-1980

6. Reports, 1964-1991, incomplete  

C. Other activities

1. Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Training in Microbiology, Chicago, Illinois, 30 June-l July 1967, sponsored by the NRM, 1968

2. Correspondence of Colin MacPherson, Chairman, Board of Schools, ASCP, concerning collaboration for certification between pathologists and microbiologists, 1969-1970

3. Task Analysis Project, 1980-81 (file of Helen Bishop)

4. Task Analysis of Supervisors Project, 1984 (file of Helen Bishop)

5. National Commission for Health Certifying Agencies, 1979-81 (file of S.R. Butler)  

D. Newsletter, "The Loop"

1. "The Loop," 1967-1994

2. Files of John Albertson, editor, 1965-80

3. Correspondence of Lawrence Ware, Editor, 1966-70 (2 folders)  

E. Miscellaneous

1. Miscellaneous correspondence of Helen Bishop, Registrar, 1980-81.

2. Papers on certification, 1980. Authors include Craig G. Schoon, Alexandria Francis, Leon J. Gross

3. New York City Board of Health -- resolutions regarding Health Code requirements for certification, 1970-79

4. ad hoc Committee on AAM Registered and Specialist Microbiologists Working in Clinical and Public Health, 1983  

F.  Executive Council of the Registrants

       1.  Correspondence, bylaws, minutes, 1977-80 


(Founded 1958 as American Board of Microbiology)

A. Governance

1. Minutes of the Board. 1959-85; including agenda packs, 1995-

2. Annual Report to ASM Council, 1968-76

3. Clippings from ASM News, 1965-78

4. Grant Application to Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, 1961

5. Code of Ethics, n.d.

B. Certification: General

1. Initial charge; rules and regulations, n.d., 1959-76,1995

2. Communications of G.I. Wallace with members of the Board concerning recommendations for certification, 1964-68; summary data on those certified, 1964-67

3. File of Marion M. Brooke concerning recertification, 1980

4. Brochures, announcements, application forms, certificate, 1967-

5. Report by American College Testing Service on 1979 Oral Examinations

6. California Equivalency Certification, 1979

C. Standards and Examinations Committees

1. Rules and Regulations, n.d., 1960, 1967; memorandum from Dieter Groeschel, Chairman of Joint Examination Committee, 1976; guidelines, forms, ca. 1981

2. File of H.F. Hasenclever, Chairman, Mycology, 1975

3. File of H.F. Hasenclever, 1976

4. File of H.F. Hasenclever, 1977

5. Mycology Committee, 1983-85

D. Diplomates

1. Lists of Diplomates, 1962-81, 1992-95

2. Memoranda to Diplomates, 1966-67; minutes of diplomate meeting, 1968

3. Newsletter: "Diplomate Forum," 1967-74.

4. File of Dieter Groschel, member of Editorial Board of "Diplomate Forum," 1970-74

E. Papers of Leroy C. McLaren, Chairman, Standards and Examination Committee for Virology, 1977-83

1. Correspondence and memoranda on ABMM, 1980-81

2. Correspondence and memoranda on ABMM, 1982-83

3. Correspondence and memoranda on Virology Committee, 1977-80

4. Correspondence and memoranda on Virology Committee, 1980-81

5. Examination packet, 1980

6. Examination packet, 1981

7. Examination packet, 1982

8. Examination packet, 1983



A. Minutes

1. 1976-1986, 1994-95; w/ agenda pack: 1996, 1997

2. Part I and Part II Examination Committees, 1982-85

B. Correspondence and other records

1. File of Marion Brooke, 1980

2. Brochures; list of diplomates, 1984, 1992; clippings from ASM News; annual report to Board of governors, 1990; study guide, Part 1 Examination, 1995

3. Rules and Regulations, 1984-1995


A. Governance

1. Minutes and agendas of Committee and Program Directors' Meetings, 1979-

2. Reports to Board of Governors, 1980, 1983-87, 1995

B. Memoranda and correspondence

1. 1961-66 (file of L.S. McClung)

2. 1966-80

3. 1980 (file of Marion M. Brooke, chair)

C. Documents

1. "Essentials of Approved Postdoctoral Programs," 1961-86,1993,1995

2. Operational Procedures Manual, 1983, 1994

D. "Items from minutes of meetings of the AAM Board of Governors" related to CPEP, 1962-74, by Marion M. Brooke, 1975

E. Applications to CPEP for approval and annual reports

1. Centers for Disease Control, 1963, 1966; 1985/86-88/89

2. University of Texas Medical Branch, 1979-82; 1985/86-89/90, 1995/96

3. Medical College of Virginia, 1981-83, 1987-88;1985/86-89/90; 1995/96

4. University of Pennsylvania, 1995

5. Erie County Laboratory, 1985-86, 1993-96; 1986/87, 1989/90

6. Washington University, 1982-83, 1990-92; 1985/86-87/88

7. University of Pittsburgh, 1984-85, 1992; 1988-89, 89/90

8. Mt. Sinai Medical Center (Milwaukee), 1983-84, 1990-94; 1985/86-88/89

9. University of California Los Angeles, 1981-83; 1985/86-89/90, 1995/96

10. University of Rochester, 1984 (incomplete); 1989/90, 1995/96

11. University of North Carolina/North Carolina Memorial Hospital, 1981-82; 1985/86-89/90, 94/95-95/96

12. University of Utah, 1982-86; 1985/86-89/90, 1995/96

13. Hartford (CT) Hospital, 1976; 1981-82; 1986/87-89/90; 1995/96

14. University of Washington, 1984-85; 1985/86-89/90, 94/95-95/96

15. Mt. Sinai (NY), 1985/86-89/90

16. University of Connecticut Health Center, 1985/86

17. Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Medical Center, 1985/86-89/90, 1995/96

18. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital/U. Michigan School of Public Health, 1985/86-87/88

19. Mayo Clinc/ Mayo Foundation, 1985/86-89/90, 1995/96

20. University of Manitoba, 1985/86-88/89

30. University of Toronto, 1985/86-86/87

F. Applications of AAM CPEP to the U.S. Office of Education for recognition of accrediting programs

1. 1977

2. 1978, and related correspondence

3. 1984, and related correspondence

4. 1987, and related correspondence

5. 1991, and related correspondence

6. 1994

7. Correspondence concerning withdrawal of Department of Education recognition, 1993-95



A. General

1. Lists of Committee members, 1961(?)-1985

B. [Annual Meeting Program]

C. [Awards See separate inventory, PART NINE]

D. Civil Service Standards

 (see also L. Joe Berry Papers, Series 1, Subseries 1, Folders 1-4, passim., re situation of civilian scientists in the military)

1. Memoranda and clippings, 1962-82

E. ad hoc Commission on Certification and Accreditation Programs of the Academy

1. report, 1992

F. Council on Education and Laboratories

1. Rules and Regulations, n.d.; program of conference Educational and Professional Standards in Microbiology; memo from Charles Evans, Chair, re Programmed Education, 1964

G. Elections

1. Guidelines, 1964; memoranda, 1976

2. File of E.H. Spaulding, Chairman, 1962-64

3. File of L.S. McClung, 1964-68

4. File of Marion M. Brooke, 1979-80

H. Exhibit Committee

1. Report to ASM Council, 1969

I. Foreign Visiting Professorships

1. Reports, 1965-67

J. Guidance for Training in Microbiology

1. Reports to ASM Council, 1967, 1969; correspondence of Donald E. Shay including final grant report of H. Orin Halvorson, Chairman, 1967

K. Infectious Diseases

1. Reports, 1962-63

L. Latin American Candidates for Fellowship

1. Reports, 1961-67

2. Correspondence of Morris F. Shaffer, Chairman, 1962-64

3. Correspondence of Earle H. Spaulding, Chairman of Committee on Elections, with Morris Shaffer, 1963-65

M. Latin American Professorship Program

1. Administration of this program was transferred to the Board of Education and Training in 1977. For inventory, see BET: 5-II F

N. Legislative

1. File of L.S. McClung, 1961-63 -- includes reports

2. Reports to Board of Governors, 1961, 1966-67

3. List of participants at organizational meeting, 1969; report to Council, 1971; correspondence of Robert E. Hungate; clippings from ASM News on ASM and the patentability of microorganisms, l980

O. Liaison with Chemists and Other Allied Health Sciences

1. Report, 1962

P. Membership

1. "Statement of Qualifications for Membership," ca. 1960; application form

2. File of Donald E. Shay, Chairman, 1977-1984

Q. Planning Committee and Task Force

1. Minutes, 1968; Report, 1975

R. Professional Affairs in Clinical and Public Health

1. Clippings from ASM News, 1975

S. Ad Hoc Review Committee (Sunset Committee)

1. Report to ASM Council, 1984

T. Standards Committee

1. File of Robert E. Hungate, president of ASM, 1971