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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)

Richard Crowell Presidential Papers


Size: 1.75 feet

Date Range: 1954-2006; Primarily 1989-1993

Richard L. Crowell (1930- ) received his B.A. from the University of Buffalo in 1952, and M. A. (1954) and Ph. D (1958) from the University of Minnesota. He spent the majority of his career as a Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Hahnemann Medical College, from which he retired in 1995.

This collection contains materials relating to Dr. Crowell’s service to the American Society for Microbiology, covering primarily his terms as President-elect, President, and Immediate Past President (1990-1993).

There was no discernible order to the 6.5 linear feet of material originally received, so the series structure as described below is entirely new. In addition, original folder titles were not reliably accurate, so the titles listed below are also new. In the course of processing, some materials were moved to other folders, in order to facilitate retrieval.

     SERIES 1: Personal Papers

1. Election as ASM President, 1989-91

2. Miscellaneous Reprints, 1954-94

3. Foundation for Microbiology Lecturer, 1994-96

4. Eastern Pennsylvania Branch Distinguished Member, 2006 (Includes biosketch, CV and DVD recording of the award ceremony)

SERIES 2: Council and Council Policy Committee

The Society is governed by a Council comprised of elected officers, chairmen of its permanent boards and representatives from 27 scientific divisions and 35 local Branches. A Council Policy Committee serves as Executive Committee for the Society. At the time of Crowell’s Presidency, these bodies met for governance functions during the Society’s General Meeting in May, and its Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) in October. This series is arranged chronologically.

1. General Meeting, 1989

2. General Meeting, 1990

3. Miscellaneous Governance Materials: Meetings, Finance, 1990

4. Treasurer Correspondence, 1990

5. ICAAC 1990

6. General Meeting, 1991

7. ICAAC 1991

8. Officers Conference Call, 1991

9. Strategic Planning, 1992

10. Notes on Meetings, Conference Calls, 1992

11. General Meeting 1992: President’s Forum

12. General Meeting 1992: President’s Address

13. General Meeting 1992

14. ICAAC 1992

15. Strategic Planning 1993

16. General Meeting 1993

SERIES 3: Boards

1. American Academy of Microbiology 1991-93

2. American Academy of Microbiology: Committee on Awards 1991-94

3. Board of Education and Training 1990-92

4. Board of Education and Training: Grant Proposal to National Center for Infectious Diseases 1993

5. Meetings Board: Correspondence 1991-93

6. Meetings Board: Biotechnology Conference Committee 1988-91

7. Meetings Board: Chronology of ASM / Infectious Disease Society of America Dispute 1992

8. Public and Scientific Affairs Board 1991-93

9. Public and Scientific Affairs Board: Amicus Brief in Genetics Institute v. Amgen 1991

SERIES 4: Committees

This series contains materials relating to Society committees which were not at the time affiliated with one of the permanent boards.

1. ad hoc Committee on Governance 1991

2. ad hoc Committee on International Activities 1991-92

3. ad hoc Committee on Microbial Genomics 1991

4. Archives Committee 1991-92

5. Branch Organization Committee 1991-93

6. Centennial Heritage Committee 1992-1994

7. Council of Past Presidents 1993

8. Finance Committee 1991

9. Honors Committee 1993

10. Nominating Committee: Board Chair Candidates 1990-91

11. Nominating Committee: Officer Candidates 1993

12. Public Relations Committee 1991-92

SERIES 5: Miscellaneous Presidential Materials

1. ASM / American Society for Virology Collaboration 1991-92

2. Biological Warfare Conference University of Maryland Baltimore County 1991

3. Council of Scientific Society Presidents 1992

4. Northwest Branch (ASM) Visit 1992

5. General Correspondence 1992

6. Presidential Projects 1991

7. Puerto Rico Branch (visit; Biotechnology Conference) 1991-92