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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)


Edward Francis (1872-1957) graduated from Ohio State with a B.Sc. in 1894, and from the University of Cincinnati with an M.D. in 1897. After an internship at Cincinnati General Hospital, he was commissioned Assistant Surgeon in the U.S. Marine Hospital Service (now the U.S. Public Health Service.) He became Surgeon in 1912, and Medical Director in 1930, retiring from that position in 1937.

Francis traveled widely through the U.S. for the Public Health Service, performing duties in immigration, quarantine, hospitals, epidemics and scientific research. His main area of research was Tularemia (of which he is considered the principal investigator), but he worked on many other infectious diseases, four of which he contracted during his investigations: tularemia, brucellosis, psittacosis and relapsing fever. He recovered from all these infections.

This collection consists of material collected by Dr. Susan Rockwood of Miami University of Ohio, who was working on a biography of Francis at the time of her death in 1983. The finding aid was prepared by Helen Zilinskas, and updated by Jeff Karr. Please contact ASM Archivist for further information.

Box 1:

About the Collection

  • List of contents; correspondence of the Archivist (L.S. McClung, D.E. Shay) with Susan Rockwood (SR); 1983-85


Biographical Material

  • Biographical sketch, n.d.; bibliography 1901-1949; news paper clippings 1928-1983


Miami Medical College

  • misc. information; news paper clippings, n.d., 1938


Honorary Degree, Ohio State University, 1933; Other OSU Material

  • correspondence and clippings, 1924-33


Honorary Degree: Miami University

  • Correspondence and clippings, 1929


AMA Gold Medal, 1928

  • News paper clippings, 1928; correspondence of Susan Rockwood, 1979.
  • Photograph of medal see Box 1 "Photographs"


Nobel Prize Nomination

  • Correspondence with Reid Hunt, 1928-29


Radio Manuscript - "The Automatic Man"

  • Manuscript, correspondence 1932


  • Family correspondence, 1938; correspondence with Dr. E. Joslin re EF's diabetes, including clinical records, reprints and brochures, 1938





  • List in folder
  • List of lantern slides in Boxes 5 & 6


Rockwood, Susan W.

  • Misc. notes and correspondence, 1979-80; also includes notes and correspondence of William Jellison, 1956-57
  • See also Box 2 "Ohara, Hachiro; Ohara, Shoichiro"

Box 2:


Downs, Cora

  • Correspondence 1934-42


Foshay Lee

  • Corresopndence, 1932-42; notes by E.F., n.d.; reprints. 1931-42


Gay, Frederick, P.

  • Correspondence, 1932-33


Meyer, Karl

  • Correspondence, 1931


Mooser, H.

  • Correspondence, 1928


Ohara, Hachiro

  • Ohara, Shoichiro
  • H.O. correspondence w. E.F., 1925-27 (photocopies); S.H. correspondence w. S.R., 1980; E.F. notes, n.d.;reprints, 1965-74


Parker, R.R.

  • Bound Correspondence, 1924-25; 1926-31


Simpson, Walter M.

  • Correspondence, 1929


Vail, Derrick T. and Wherry, William B.

  • Correspondence, 1925-31; reprints, 1914; biographical material (WBW), n.d..


Misc. Correspondence, 1927-49



Box 3:

Black Tongue

  • Notes, 1923


Deer-fly Fever

  • Correspondence, research notes, 1915-20 (photocopies)



  • Correspondence, 1934-35; reprints, 1917, 1934, 1940
  • research notes


Relapsing Fever (Francis' own case)

  • Correspondence, clinical records research notes, reprints, 1937-39

Spirillium Hemoelective

  • MS by E.F. 1914[?]; correspondence, 1942, 1958



  • Correspondence, research notes, 1919-1928


Yellow Fever

  • Reprints, n.d., 1922; MS of article on Yellow Fever Institute by Wyndham Miles, n.d.


Misc. Research Notes

  • Photocopies of note cards logging E.F. Army correspondence, 1900-18

Box 4:

Francis, Edward - Reprints 1901-1947

  • List in folder

Box 5:

Lantern Slides

Box 6:

Lantern Slides

Oversized Folder:

Photographs of certificates, awards and commendations