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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)

Regional History Files: United States

In 1934, Barnett Cohen was appointed first Archivist of the Society of American Bacteriologists (now ASM). One of Dr. Cohen's long-term projects was to compile a history of the science of bacteriology in the United States, comprised of regionally focused chapters written by the scientists who were involved in the early days. Although the project was never completed (Cohen died suddenly in 1952), a number of chapters did get written: some were published elsewhere, and some exist only in manuscript. Those chapters were the beginnings of the regional history collections. For Cohen's correspondence concerning this project, see Main Archives Inventory, 7-II A, Folders 4 and 10

Cohen also initiated the practice of holding a symposium at the Society's Annual Meeting exploring the history of bacteriology in the area where the meeting was being held. Copies of many of the papers presented at these symposia are maintained with the records of the Annual Meetings, and are listed here:  Symposia on the Local History of Bacteriology at the SAB Meetings

For additional information, contact the ASM Archivist



  • University of Alabama Birmingham: brochures, n.d. (1971?), 1975;
  • University of Alabama Birmingham and Tuscaloosa: clippings, 1982
  • University of Alabama Birmingham: Annual Report of Department of Microbiology, 1975
  • Reynolds Historical Library: newsletters, programs, brochures, 1981-83; list of holdings relating to microbiology, 1982


  • Buck, Carl E. "A Survey of Public Health in Arizona." Phoenix: Arizona Statewide Public Health Committee, 1936. 29pp.
  • Johnson, Roy M.  Chronology/Memoir of microbiology program at Arizona State University, 2001. 6 pp.


See also Honorary Member file of J.C. Geiger, which contains several reports concerning the Oakland Department of Public Health; Annual Meeting Round Table, 1953 (2-IC, folder 83)

  • Copied correspondence of H. Gideon Wells and Henry Ophuls re discipline of bacteriology, 1920-21
  • MSS : "The Beginnings of Bacteriology in California," by L.S. McClung and K.F. Meyer, 1940, 80pp (includes unpublished bibliography). Reprint, 1974, 20pp.
  • "In Alleviation of Human Suffering: A Report on Research from the G.W. Hooper Foundation for Medical Research of the University of California," n.d. (1935?), 17pp.
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  • "Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation Scientific Report 1974-75."
  • "Laboratory of Insect Pathology, U.C. Berkeley: Staff and Students from 1945-1963." Compiled by Mauro Martignoni.
  • Outline of introductory course in Medical Microbiology, College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, Los Angeles, prepared by Robert Greene, 1963.


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  • Foote, Charles J. "Early Years of Bacteriology in the Yale Medical School and the City of New Haven," Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine 13:3, 309-314 (1941)]
  • Letter of Ira V. Hiscock re early days in New Haven, 1965, 2pp.
  • Journal of Pre-Med Studies 1:1, 1996. Includes article on Yale Medical School
  • Bulletin of the Institute of Cellular Biology (University of Connecticut), 1960-70
  • "The Bacterial Flora of Trees and Men." President's Address to CT State Medical Society by S.J. Maher, 1915. 8pp.
  • Material sent to Barnett Cohen by Leo F. Rettger, 1937: includes historical sketches on Public Health Labs (3p.); Dept. of Animal Diseases, Storrs (3p.); Yale (9p.); CT State Coll., Storrs (4p.); H.W. Conn (6p.)


  • List of graduate students, 1964-70, and faculty (w/ selected publications), 1969-70, University of Florida College of Medicine, Microbiology Department.
  • Clippings re various Florida university microbiology programs, 1982
  • Florida Health Notes (Bulletin of State Board of Health) VIII: 11(n.s.), November, 1913


  • Centers for Disease Control: International Conference on Anaerobic Bacteria, 1972: invitation, program, clippings
  • Centers for Disease Control: pamphlet, n.d.; "The Word" (newsletter), 1971; clippings, 1948, 1965, 1981
  • Cherry, William B. "A History of Microbiology at the Center for Disease Control," 1971. MS, 17pp.
  • Centers for Disease Control:"The Identification of Unusual Pathogenic Gram Negative Bacteria" (Elizabeth O. King) Preliminary Revision, 1972
  • Centers for Disease Control: "Laboratory Methods in Special Medical Bacteriology Course 8390-C" 1966 see also ASM News, Feb. 1982, for descriptions of microbiology departments at Georgia colleges


  • Bushnell, O.A. "Dr. Edward Arning: The First Microbiologist in Hawaii." The Hawaiian Journal of History vol.1, 1967.


see also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1951 (2-IC, folder 73)

  • Hektoen, Ludvig. Notes on the History of Bacteriology in Chicago." rpt Bulletin of the Society for Medical History of Chicago V: 3-21, 1937
  • Thornberry, H.H. "History of Plant Pathology in Illinois." 1958. MS, 8pp.
  • Miscellaneous correspondence of the Archivist (L.S. McClung), 1964-65
  • "The Edgewater Beach Hotel." [site of Annual Meetings in Chicago] In Chicago History XXIII:2, Fall, 1994


  • Journal of Infectious Diseases: copy of publishing agreement, 1903; "Note to Contributors," 1944
  • "Graduate Programs in Microbiology: The University of Chicago," n.d. [1970s?]
  • Koser, Stewart A. "Bacteriology at the University of Chicago."rpt BIOS XXIII:3, 175-191, 1952


  • [Paul F. Clark?]. "A Brief History of the Department of Bacteriology, University of Illinois, Urbana." 1959. 8pp.
  • Illinois Alumni News XXXVIII:6, 1959. Concerns opening of Burrill Hall
  • "Hygiene and Bacteriology." List of publications, 1900-1927, compiled by P.F. Clark


  • "Course Offerings & Policies of Microbiology Department," 1958



  • Program for "Symposium on Recent Advances in Microbiology," 1950 (includes student/faculty listings)
  • Indiana University Bulletin XLIV:27, "Bacteriology as a Career," 1946
  • teaching materials for dental bacteriology from L.A. Weed, 1944
  • "Bacteriology 258A (B430): VIRUSES: Complete Laboratory and lecture course, 1949-50;"
  • information on biology awards available, 1996

NOTRE DAME see also Association for Applied Gnotobiology in VERTICAL FILE: OTHER ORGANIZATIONS

  • Pollard, Morris. "Germfree Animals and Biological Research." rpt Science 145:3629, July 17, 1964
  • Pleasants, Julian R. "History of Germfree Animal Research at LOBUND Laboratory, Biology Department, University of Notre Dame, 1928-1965," MS, 12pp., 1965
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  • Ervin, Robert F., et al. "History of Bacteriology at Notre Dame," Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 53:62-65 (1944?)
  • Course descriptions, Undergraduate and graduate, 1966-67
  • Faculty list, n.d.


  • Correspondence of L.S. McClung re history program at joint meeting of IAS and Indiana Branch of SAB, 1943
  • Correspondence of L.S. McClung re various history projects, 1945, 1954-56
  • Correspondence of L.S. McClung, 1962, 1966. Includes college and company historical sketches
  • Reprint histories from Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science:
  • Tetrault, P.A. "History of Bacteriology at Purdue University," 53:66-71 (1944)
  • McClung, L.S. "History of Bacteriology at Indiana University," 53:59-61 (1944)
  • McClung, L.S. "History of Bacteriology in Indiana," 76:65-70 (1967)
    • Bacterial Culture Chart, 1905
    • Miscellaneous clippings, programs and announcements


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  • The Medical Bulletin (University of Iowa Publication) N.S.1169, Jan 4, 1941. Includes piece on Dept. of Bacteriology, 2pp.
  • Monthly Bulletin (Iowa State Board of Health) VII,8 (Jan., 1894)
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  • Packer, R. Allen. Bacteriology at Iowa State College." 1958. MS, 2pp.
  • Packer, R. Allen. "Early History of Teaching Veterinary Bacteriology at Iowa State University."1983. MS, 4pp. + illus.
  • "Questions Used in the Written Preliminary or Qualifying Examination Determining Admission to Candidacy for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy. Bacteriology, 1920-1931. Iowa State College, 1932."
  • "Fermentation Studies: Contributions from Bacteriology, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa [1916-1941]," 6pp.
  • "Iowa State Notes" on development of bacteriology program to 1930, by Eric Kupferberg, 1996. 11p.


see also Cohen Correspondence, 7-IIA, folder 10.5

  • "Linda Hall Library: Kansas City Institution Builds a Reputation with Operations Outside its Region." Science 148:1073-75 (1965)
  • "A History of Bacteriology at the University of Kansas. Compiled by Cora M. Downs and David Paretsky, with reference to extensive notes compiled by Dr. Noble P. Sherwood in 1937."


  • University of Kentucky Microbiology department Christmas Newsletter, 1962, 1963


see also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1941 (2IC, folder 33)


  • Collison, John. "History of Bacteriology in Maryland Through 1925." Maryland Medical Journal 38:4, 303-314 (1989). Also photocopy of MS
  • Press release re 75th anniversary of Maryland State Dept. of Health, 1949
  • "Building a New Resource for the Conquest of Cancer" Frederick Cancer Research center, 1974. see also ASM News 42:10, 603-608 (1976)
  • "Concerning the Registration of Venereal Diseases," 1918, 1pp.
  • Minutes of the organizational meeting of the Maryland Public Health Association, 1955
  • "Bacterial Colony Formations," chart by Baltimore City Department of Health, 1944
  • History of Bureau of Laboratories, Baltimore City Health Dept., 1967. 1p.


See also Bacteriology Lecture Notes of W.H. Welch, 1907, in J. Howard Brown Presidential File, 13-II AG, Folder 5

  • Centennary of John Shaw Billings, 1938: clipping, program
  • Directory of Graduates, 1938
  • 50th anniversary of the Johns Hopkins Medical History Club, 1940: program
  • "The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1893-1943: A Brief Account of its Founding and of its Achievements During the First Fifty Years of its Existence," 1943
  • "Extract from the Report of the Survey Committee" to examine activities of the medical school, 1931. Letter of J. Howard Brown, 1931


  • University of Maryland Graduate School Chronicle:
  • "Microbiology" (re job market) IX:2 , 1975
  • "A Fresh Look at Graduate Education in the Dental School" VII:2, 1974
  • "Rickettsiae" 1976
    • "Two Hundred Years of Medicine in Baltimore: Outstanding Contributions of University of Maryland ,Alumni and Faculty," 1976
    • Lectures on Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Modern Microbiology, Texts, 1959-67:
  • Foster, J.W. "Dipicolinic Acid and Bacterial Spores," 1959
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  • Peck, H.D. "Some Evolutionary Aspects of Inorganic Sulfur Metabolism," 1967
  • Hilleman, M.R. "Recent Advances in Viral Vaccine Research"


see also vertical file laboratory safety/biohazards

  • Wedum, Arnold G., and Richard H. Kruse. "Assessment of Risk of Human Infection in the Microbiological Laboratory," 1969
  • "S[afety] Division Report Number 23 (Revised): Practical Methods for Microbial Decontamination," 1957]
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  • "Microbiology for Stenographers
  • Technical Information Division," course outline, 1958
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  • "The Detrick Laboratories. A Natural Resource. Why Waste It?" n.d., 21pp.
  • Program for luncheon commemorating silver anniversary of Ft. Detrick, 1968
  • plans and photos of dried aerosol product gun designed by Nick Pollok, 1961
  • clippings
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  • Program for 50th Anniversary, 1993
  • “Fort Detrick, Maryland, 1997.
  • “Volunteers in the Microbe Wars.” Soldiers, August, 1997
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  • "Frederick Cancer Research Center: The First Five Years, 1972-1977”
  • “Building a New Resource for the Conquest of Cancer: The Frederick Cancer Research Center,” 1974
  • “Welcome: Fort Detrick, Frederick,Maryland,” 1969[?]
  • Analysis of SAB/ASM membership in the Ft. Detrick area, 1947-1974. 1995
  • Job listings, n.d. [late 1960s?]
  • “Opportunity at Fort Detrick,” n.d. [early 1960s?]
  • “Selected Contributions of the Biological Laboratories at Fort Detrick to Science and the Public Welfare, 1943-1970,” 1970


see also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1952 (2-IC, folder 77)

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  • clippings



see also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1946 (2-IC, folder 52, 53)

  • "Department of Microbiology, The University of Michigan Alumni Letter #8, April, 1966."
  • Mallman, W.L. "Recollections of Early Microbiology at Michigan State University." 1974, 54pp.
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  • "Doctorates in Bacteriology." List for University of Michigan, n.d., 3pp
  • Transcript of Round Table on History of Bacteriology in Michigan, SAB Annual Meeting, 1946. 89pp.
  • Clippings, programs, announcements


see also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1948 (2, IC, folder 60)

  • Wilson, Louis B. "The Development of Public Health Medicine in Minnesota." rpt Proceedings of the Minnesota Academy of Science, 1936. 9pp
  • "A History of Microbiology in the North Central United States." Compiled by "the History Committee" (of North Central Branch?), H. Orin Halvorson, V-Chairman, 1971
  • Minnesota State Medical Association: "100 Years of Medicine in Minnesota," 1941 (outside of box)
  • clippings, announcement


See also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1940 (2-IC, folder 27)

  • "The Book Collection and Services of the Linda Hall Library" (Kansas City), n.d., 45pp.
  • "Information about the Field of Microbiology." Memo by Frank Engley, 1960, 12pp. Contains lists of instructional materials.
  • Weekly Bulletin of the St. Louis Medical Society XXVI:25, 1932
  • Kansas City Missouri's Health III:1, 1939. Annual Report of H.F. McElroy, City Manager
  • "The History of Microbiology in the Eastern Missouri Branch of the Society of American Bacteriologists." Compiled by Moyer Fleisher, 1959
  • "The History of Microbiology in the Missouri Valley Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." Compiled by V. Lyle von Riesen, 1962
  • "Microbiology at the University of Missouri." Brochure, n.d.


see also papers donated by David Lackman, in Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collections

  • "The Rocky Mountain Laboratory, Hamilton, Montana." n.d., 2pp.
  • Laboratory Bulletin, Department of Health and Environmental Sciences, Helena Montana. 1968-80
  • "Big Sky Lab Bench." Annual Report of Laboratory Division, Montana Department of Health and Environmental Sciences, FY 1974, 1976


  • "The Department of Animal Pathology and Hygiene, the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture," n.d., 11pp

New Hampshire

see also Annual Meeting Round Table, 1952 (2-IC, folder 77)

  • Leikind, Morris C. "An Episode in the History of Smallpox Vaccination in New Hampshire." rpt Bulletin of the History of Medicine VII:7, 671-686, 1939
  • "The History of Microbiology in the North-East Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." Compiled by the Branch Archives Committee, 1970, 48pp.
  • "Dedication of the Spaulding Life Science Building, University of New Hampshire, May 6, 1960." Program.

New Jersey

  • Waksman, S.A., R.L. Starkey & R. Donovick. Microbiology in New Jersey: Origins and Developments. 1965
  • "The Field and the Work of the Squibb Institute in Medical Research." I:1, 1938. Photocopy.


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  • "Of Microbes and Men." Report of the Rutgers Research and Education Foundation, n.d. [ca. 1960]
  • "The Institute of Microbiology: Dedication Program, June 7, 1954." Also list of room assignments, memos to participants, memorabilia
  • "Second Biennial Report 1956-58 Institute of Microbiology," 1958
  • Waksman, S.A. "Cook-Vorhees-Lipman Contribution of Rutgers to Soil Science. A Century of Progress." rpt Rutgers Alumni Monthly Nov., 1939. 4pp
  • "Graduate Program in Microbiology: Rutgers University." Brochure, n.d. [ca. 1968]
  • Rutgers Newsletter 28:30, 1974. "Special Issue: The Institute of Microbiology." In oversize storage
  • clippings

New York

see also W.H. Park text on history of NY Department of Health Labs, 13-IIN, Folder 3; see also Ward MacNeal Papers

  • "Medical Research: Papers by Richard H. Shryock and Others on the Occasion of the Establishment of a Graduate Education Program at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Oct., 26, 1956." [Shryock paper only; others excised]
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  • Clippings, including "75th Anniversary Section: Agricultural Experiment Station." The Geneva Times, October 4, 1957
  • Graduate Student Handbook, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester, 1986/87
  • The Albany Medical Annals Feb., 1885, May, 1892 [partial]. Of interest primarily for advertisements
  • New York Agricultural Experiment Station: Technical Bulletins 13 (1910), 93 (1923), 128 (1927), 167 (1930)

North – Carolina

  • Copy of grant proposal to National Science Foundation for Summer Institute for College Teachers in Microbiology, 1966
  • clippings


see also materials on Ohio State Sanitarium in Vertical File: Disease,Tuberculosis; materials on Pulte Medical College and University of Cincinnati in biographical file for Bertha van Houten Anthony

  • Ecker, E.E. "Preventive Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology in the Western Reserve. Parts I & II." MSS, n.d. [ca.1950], 63pp.
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  • Clippings


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  • Bollen, W.B. "History of the Department of Microbiology at Oregon State University." ca. 1969, 47pp.


  • "Beginning of Bacteriology in Philadelphia," by Joseph McFarland, MS1, ca. 1936. Includes original photographs.
  • "Beginning of Bacteriology in Philadelphia," by Joseph McFarland, MS2, ca. 1936. Includes original photographs, corrections to text, correspondence with subjects
  • Histories:
  • McFarland, Joseph: "Beginning of Bacteriology is Philadelphia." Bulletin of the Institute of the History of Medicine V:2, 148-198; February, 1937
  • "History of Microbiology in the Philadelphia Area, 1947-1960," n.d.
  • "History of Microbiology in the Philadelphia Area, 1960-1972," n.d.
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  • Correspondence of the Archivist (Cohen, McClung), 1935-1960. Correspondents include M.P. Ravenel, Joseph McFarland, Harry Morton, Claude Brown
  • Transcripts (uncorrected and corrected) of Round Table on History of Bacteriology in the Philadelphia Area, SAB Annual Meeting, 1947
  • Floor Plan of Laboratory of Hygiene, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1892 (photocopy)

Puerto Rico

  • "Reports and Collected Studies from the Institute of tropical Medicine and Hygiene of Porto Rico. Vol. 1, 1913-1917"

Rhode Island

  • Mead, A.D. "Episodes and Personalities in the Development of Biology at Brown." photocopy Science 91:2361, 301-305, 1940
  • "The History of Microbiology in the North-East Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." Compiled by the Branch Archives Committee, 1970, 48pp.
  • Hatch, Milford. "Summary of the History of Bacteriology at Brown." text of speech at 1952 Annual Meeting Round Table. See also 2-I C, Folder 7

South Carolina

  • Workshop announcement, 1974
  • clipping


  • "Graduate Studies in Microbiology: University of Tennessee-Knoxville." Brochure, n.d.
  • Holtman, D. Frank. "The History of Bacteriology at the University of Tennessee." MS, 1963, 11pp.
  • Holtman, D. Frank. "The History of Bacteriology at the University of Tennessee." n.d. [ca.1968], 100pp.


  • The Microbe: University of Texas Microbiology Department Newsletter: 1981-87
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  • Bound University of Texas course materials (from L.S. McClung):
  • "Bacteriology 29[intro course?]. Lecture Notes 1929-1930. Revised in ink for 1930-31. Instructor: I.M. Lewis"
  • "Bacteriology 29... Course presented by I.M. Lewis, 1932 academic year; O.B. Williams, summer session." Includes "disease chart" listing disease, organism, incubation period, etc.
  • "Bact. 360 (Serology) offered by O.B. Williams, 1931-32; Bact. 76 (Advanced General) offered by I.M. Lewis, 1930-31; Bact. 316 (Elementary) offered by O.B. Williams 1930-31."
  • "Bacteria in Relation to Disease (Bacteriology 340)...Lecturer: Dr. O.B. Williams, Spring 1931"
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  • Untitled MS [development of bacteriology in Utah and Intermountain region], n.d., 4pp
  • Nicholed, Paul S. "The History of the Intermountain Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." MS, n.d., 5pp



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  • Anaerobe Course
  • VPI, Blacksburg, VA." lectures by W.E.C. Moore, 123pp


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  • "Prospectus of Graduate Programs and Postdoctoral Training, University of Washington Department of Microbiology." Pamphlet, n.d.
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Washington D.C.


  • "The History of Microbiology in the Washington Branch of the American Society for Microbiology." 1964, 36pp
  • Naval Research Reviews XVII:4/5, 1964. (Office of Naval Research.) Special Issue on Biological Sciences.
  • Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 54:4, 1964. Includes history of D.C. branch, article on ATCC dedication, regional history
  • clippings


See also MS version of Chapter 9 of Bess Furman Armstrong's History of the U.S. Public Health Service, with comments by Alice Evans, 13 II-AD, Folder 2. Miscellaneous Public Health materials are in Vertical Files- PUBLIC HEALTH

  • "Public Law 410 (78th Congress), 1944. 'Public Health Service Act.'"
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