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Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA)

L. Joe Berry Papers


L. Joe Berry (1910-1987) spent a long and distinguished career as an educator, serving Bryn Mawr College as Professor, Chairman of the Biology Department, Secretary of the Faculty, and Acting Provost in an association lasting from 1941 to 1970. In 1970 he returned to the University of Texas at Austin (where he had received his Ph.D. in 1939) as Chairman of the Department of Microbiology (1970-1975), and until his death was Professor of Microbiology. Dr Berry published over 160 papers in a research career which focused primarily on the metabolic aspects of host response to infectious agents and the role of the reticuloendothelial system in response to infectious diseases, but perhaps an even greater legacy is the generations of students whom he encouraged and inspired.

Dr. Berry joined the ASM (then Society of American Bacteriologists) in 1957, and served the Society in a number of capacities, among them Editor of Journal of Bacteriology(1964-1968), member of the Council Policy Committee (1967-1987), member of the Finance Committee (1970-1981), chairman of the ad hoc Committee on Ethics (1982-1985), and, most notably, as the first Chairman of the Board of Education and Training (1971-1981). He was elected to Honorary Membership (the Society's highest honor) in 1982.

Although this collection contains some materials related to Dr. Berry's scientific research, the bulk of the papers concern his service to the ASM. Dr. Berry's scientific papers have been deposited in the Center for American History at the University of Texas, Austin. Interested researchers may contact the Assistant Director for the Center, Ralph Elder, at 512-495-4538.


  • CV, bibliography, clippings, obituary
  • Miscellaneous reprints, 1946-1982 (holdings indicated on bibliography in Folder 1)


     Subseries 1: Correspondence, 1972-1987. 4"

     Subseries 2: Hungary, 1975-1986. 1.5"

1. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-79

2. Fourth European Immunology Meeting (1978), 1976-78

3. Correspondence w/ Lorand Bertok, National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene, Budapest 1975-86

     Subseries 3: Cholera, 1975-1978. 1.5"

       1. NIAID Grant, Immunity to Cholera, 1975-1978

       2. Fourteenth Joint Conference: U.S.-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program, Karatsu City, Japan, 1978

SERIES 2: GENERAL ASM PAPERS, 1971-1985. 13.5"

Subseries 1: American Academy of Microbiology (AAM), 1971-1981. 3"

1. General, 1973-1979

2. Board of Governors, 1971-1981; 1985-1986

3. Committee on Postdoctoral Education Programs, 1972-1981

Subseries 2: Conferences, 1978-1979. 1.5"

1. "Endogenous Mediators in Host Response to Bacterial Infections" Norfolk, VA, 1979

Subseries 3: Council Policy Committee, 1976-1981. 1"

1. Miscellaneous memos, 1976-1981. (distributed copies of agendas, minutes and reports which were not annotated by Berry have been discarded; copies may be found in the Main Archives Inventory, 1-IV D)

Subseries 4: Divisions, 1976-1983. 1.5"

1. Division of Bacterial Infection and Pathogenesis, 1976-78 (Berry was Vice-Chairman of the division, 1976/77, and Chairman, 1977/78)

2. Text of Berry's Divisional Lecture at the Annual Meeting, 1983

Subseries 5: Ethics Committee, Ad Hoc, 1982-1985. 4.5"

1. Correspondence, materials from other organizations, clippings, reports, 1982

2. Correspondence, materials from other organizations, clippings, reports, 1983

3. Correspondence, materials from other organizations, clippings, reports, 1984/85

Subseries 6: Finance Committee, 1975-1979. 1"

Subseries 7: ASM Foundation, Inc., 1976-1977. 1"


Subseries 1: General Board Materials, 1971-1978. 10"

1. Cooperation with American Society of Clinical Pathologists, 1969-72. (original discussions were with the American Academy of Microbiology, then with BET upon its establishment)

2. National Commission for Careers in the Medical Laboratory, 1971-1973

3. Folders 3-13 - General correspondence, 1971-1981

Subseries 2: Committees, 1972-1981. 18.5"

1. Advisory Services to Institutions, 1971-72, 1977-80 (Committee was part of AAM until 1977)

2. Continuing Education, 1972-1981. Includes materials from ad hoc Committee on Continuing Education Activities and from Joint Liaison Committee of ASM and American Society of Clinical Pathologists)

3. Educational Materials, 1972-81

4. Elementary and Secondary Education, 1972-1981

5. Health-Related Disciplines (began as Role of Microbiology in Education for Other Disciplines; name change in 1976)

6. Latin American Professorship Program, 1972, 1976-81. (Part of AAM until 1976)

7. Public Service and Adult Education, 1972-81 (Includes some Publicity activities for Annual Meeting)

8. Undergraduate and Graduate Education, 1972-1981