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ScholarWorks@UMBC, a part of MD

Statistics, Datasets, Tables, Spreadsheets, Databases and Multidimensional Arrays

If data was gathered via human subjects research, all research subjects data must be de-identified and a scan of the IRB approval certification for the research must be uploaded with the submission. Students can obtain a copy of the IRB certificate for their class from the instructor. Consent documents and IRB certificates will be hidden in the system but stored with the submission and available to system administrators.

Only files smaller than 2GB can be uploaded into ScholarWorks@UMBC via the submission page. For larger files, contact Very large files cannot be submitted to ScholarWorks@UMBC, but may be hosted by DoIT, with a description and a link provided in ScholarWorks@UMBC.

Data should be fully described so that those who use it are fully aware of what is included. Datasets should also include a description of how the data was gathered. This information should be included in a 'readme' file, data dictionary, codebook, or similar document. This document should also include, where applicable:

  • a file manifest describing file names and contents
  • state of the data (raw, cleaned, processed, subset, summary)
  • instruments and software used to create the data
  • processing steps
  • explanation of variables, column headers, value codes, flags, etc.
  • software required to view or use the data
  • licensing and any terms or conditions of use
  • funding source and grant number
  • contact information