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ScholarWorks@UMBC, a part of MD

Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)

Since 2007, all UMBC Theses and Dissertations have been automatically loaded into digital collections. Most have access restricted to the UMBC campus because the authors haven’t signed publication forms. The library receives all new theses and dissertations from Proquest, and loads them into ScholarWorks@UMBC within a couple of years of their submission to Proquest. Thesis and dissertation authors may give the library permission to make their document publicly available by signing a Publication Form, below.

Exemplary Coursework, Student Publications, Honors Papers, Research Project Materials

The inclusion of such work provides future students with a better idea of what they’ll be doing if they come to UMBC, or decide to take a particular course, and also provides examples for current students to look at when doing the same paper or project. Also, it can give the public, legislators, and donors a better idea of what we do at UMBC and what you do in your department or program. There are two ways to submit student materials.

The Student does the submission

Students may ask faculty to sponsor their submission, or faculty may ask students to submit their works. Either way, the sponsoring faculty member needs to email and let the library know:

  • the name of the student 
  • what material they'll be submitting
  • the course that the work was done for.

Information to provide to students via email or as a handout is available below:

Faculty or Staff do the submission for the student

Faculty or staff add students’ work, but only with written permission of the student. First, get the student to sign the printable license below. You can upload the signed license agreement with the document, or alternatively, you can e-mail it to as an attachment, or send a copy via campus mail to Michelle Flinchbaugh. When you submit the student’s work, you will also have to agree to a license agreement in order for submission to be completed.

A note on potential plagiarism

SafeAssign’s comprehensive database includes all materials available for public access on the Internet, and will check students’ papers against items in ScholarWorks@UMBC (except for those with access limitations).