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ScholarWorks@UMBC, a part of MD

Formally Published UMBC Research

It will not always be possible to both publish a work and include it in ScholarWorks@UMBC. This depends on the author's agreement with the publisher. If the author’s agreement allows for it, submission may include peer-reviewed articles (pre- or post- review, pre- or post- publication) published in traditional journals, monographs, book chapters, or research made publicly available elsewhere. When the author’s agreement allows for submission into ScholarWorks@UMBC, as an open-access repository, it provides wider dissemination of the work, which increases the likelihood that it will be discovered and cited.

Even if you no longer have a copy of the agreement you signed, or don’t remember if you signed one, see Do you have Rights? for more ways to determine if the item can be included in ScholarWorks@UMBC. The library can also help you to figure out if you have the right to post the work in ScholarWorks--contact

Informally-published or unpublished UMBC research

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, technical reports, working papers, white papers, and conference presentations from various academic departments, research centers, and organizations affiliated with UMBC.

Faculty and researchers may also use ScholarWorks@UMBC for data, code, images, supplemental materials, and other research products that generally aren’t published in journals.