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History of UMBC

This guide contains information about the available resources for conducting research on the history of UMBC's origins, people, departments, and traditions.


Audiovisual materials are non-textual formats such as photographs, illustrations, videos, films, and audio recordings. These items can provide important historical information about events and people important to UMBC history. Examples include recordings of lectures, performances, ceremonies, and interviews; photographs or other pictorial illustrations in publications or displays; and collections of items produced by external media companies such as local or national news networks.

The University Archives does collect and make accessible audiovisual materials created or donated by UMBC departments. An item level list is not available to the public at this time; please contact Lindsey Loeper ( for access to these materials.

The Library Media department has also maintained an audiovisual collection about UMBC; DVDs and some videocassettes are searchable in the UMBC Library catalog; many or not included in the catalog. Please contact Digital Media Librarian Jodi Hoover ( for access to these materials.

Resources for UMBC audiovisual materials

In addition to contacting the Special Collections and Library Media, these resources are also available:

Oral histories

Oral history interviews have been conducted with UMBC faculty, staff, and alumni in the context of several different initiatives. Dr. Edward Orser led an oral history project in the 1990s in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of UMBC. Following the success of this project, the UMBC Founders Oral History Project was established and managed through the Martha Ross Center for Oral History. Most recently, additional oral histories are being conducted in preparation for the 50th anniversary in 2016 and an anticipated published history of UMBC.

Several use restrictions guide access to the oral history collection; please review the document, "Use of UMBC Oral Histories," for additional information. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a time to review the oral history materials, please contact Special Collections Archivist Lindsey Loeper at or 410-455-6290.

UMBC Video #1

An excerpt from a 1994 interview with Dr. Albin O. Kuhn, founding chancellor of UMBC. Kuhn speaks with Dr. Ed Orser as part of the UMBC founders project.

UMBC Video #2

Highlights from the 2009 UMBC Midnight Madness.

UMBC Video #3

The UMBC Camerata, Dr. Hrabowski and the campus community premiere the new Alma Mater at UMBC's 40th Anniversary celebration on September 19, 2006.