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How to Cite and Manage Sources

Quick Links

Creating Collections

Creating Collections (folders):

  • Click on the icon the folder with a “+” sign addfolder
  • Type title for the collection
  • Select OK

Saving Citation

Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click.

  • If there is an icon at the end of the URL like the following  booklistarticlevidoepicturenewspaper click on it and Zotero will save all the bibliographic information of that page in your Zotero library 

To add primary documents, interviews, and a variety of other reference types to your Zotero library, select the green circle icon  from the Zotero library toolbar and select the item type to begin filling in the citation information.  

With Zotero for Firefox, you can create an item from the current website by either clicking the Create New Item from Current Page button addnew above the middle column of the Zotero library middle column, or by right-clicking the website page selecting Create New Item from Current Page from the Zotero menu.


With Zotero Standalone, you can create an item with snapshot from the current website by right-clicking the page background and selecting Save Zotero Snapshot from Current Page.

You can add items to your library if you know the citation’s ISBN, DOI or PubMed ID number. Click Add Item by Identifier button magic  at the top of the center column of the Zotero pane, type in the identifier and press enter.