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How to Cite and Manage Sources

Adding References from EBSCO Databases

  1. Select items from your search results
  2. Individual item – click title to open full record
  3. Multiple items – Add individual items to session folder; open session folder and use checkboxes to select items
  4. Select Export from the tools menu on the right-hand side
  5. Save citation(s) to a file formatted for: Direct export to EndNote Web. You will be prompted to login into EndNote Online if you have not already done so.

Add References From non-EBSCO Databases or From Journal Publisher Websites

Note: This may vary slightly depending on the database vendor or website

  1. From the database or website, click on the item you wish to save
  2. Look for an Export/Save option, and select to export in .RIS format
  3. Save the file
  4. Login to EndNote Online
  5. Select Collect tab > Import References
  6. Click Choose File to locate and highlight text file to import
  7. Click Open
  8. Choose import option RefMan RIS
  9. Select either ‘[Unfiled]’ or ‘New Group’ in To drop-down menu
  10. Click Import
  11. Successful import = [x] references were imported into the "[Unfiled]" group
  12. Click on My References tab to view imported references

Using the Capture Tool

Learn how to use the Capture Tool to add references to your Endnote account

Getting Help

Have questions about EndNote Online? Contact Katy Sullivan at or 410-455-3604.