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History of UMBC

This guide contains information about the available resources for conducting research on the history of UMBC's origins, people, departments, and traditions.

Blueprints of UMBC buildings

Special Collections holds the original print blueprints for the campus. These blueprints are not currently accessible to researchers and require permission from Facilities Management before use. Contact Lindsey Loeper for additional information and assistance.

Maps of the UMBC campus and environs

While the University Archives does not have a dedicated map collection, maps of the campus and surrounding area are available in several locations. Aerial photographs of campus are available in the University Photographs. The Timeline can often assist in determining when a building was constructed.


Campus map from 1969 Undergraduate Catalog

This campus map, from the 1969 Undergraduate Catalog, shows both the completed and proposed buildings. The completed buildings and parking lots are shown in black.