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All of Us Research Program

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All of Us General Support & Events

For more information, please visit the All of Us Research Program's support page.

Active users of the Researcher Workbench can register for the All of Us Drop-In Office Hours. Office hours are held every Tuesday at 1pm. Users can also browse the All of Us live event calendar.

Research with R

To support the campus's NIH All of Us access and research, the AOK Library hosted a free 5-series workshop on R. R is a free programming language for statistical and computing data visualization.

This series of online workshops teaches you the basics of R statistical graphic software, data wrangling techniques, and how to summarize and visualize data in the All of Us database. 


Video 1: Basic of R

Video 2: Data Wrangling (management) Techniques

Video 3:  Summarizing and visualizing your data

Video 4: Merging, Appending, and Reshaping your data

Video 5: Data Analyses