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All of Us Research Program

Steps to Access the Data

UMBC has signed a Data Use and Registration Agreement (DURA) with the All of Us Program allowing UMBC researchers to access the Registered and Controlled Tiers. 

Register to Access All of Us Data

Once the institutional DURA is in place, the registration steps that each user must complete to become an Authorized Data User include the following:

1. Register to use the Workbench

2. Complete the Responsible Conduct of Research Training

3. Sign the Data User Code of Conduct. The Data User Code of Conduct is an agreement that outlines the program’s expectations for researchers.

Begin the process of obtaining a Researcher Workbench account online and use this tutorial for a preview of the process.


  1. Sign up to use the Workbench (make an account)
  2. Complete two-step verification with your account 
  3. Verify identity with For issues with this step, you can contact (there can be issues even when info is input correctly). Alternative identity verification methods are available if you have a state ID, or phone number or SSN, US passport, or an e-passport. For alternative identity verification methods, contact as well.  Instructions for Paste and Spellcheck
  4. Login to Researcher Workbench

This mandatory training provides education on conducting responsible and ethical research with data from All of Us participants. Below is a brief overview of what is reviewed in the Responsible Conduct of Research training:

Complete ethics training modules; UMBC users must complete relevant training in the Workbench profiles to access registered and controlled tiers data. To check for access level, click the three-bar menu in the top upper left corner, click your name, and then click “Data Access Requirements."

Course I: All of Us Research Program: Provides a general overview of the All of Us Research Program and the use of its data resources to educate researchers on key elements of data access and user requirements for scientific investigation.

Course II: Responsible Conduct of Research: Provides an overview of ethical requirements regarding the protection of human participants in research, research misconduct, and behaviors that can compromise research integrity and requirements for safeguarding All of Us Research Program data. Users will learn that studies of subpopulations or groups have the potential to be stigmatizing, whether these populations are defined by sex, gender, ethnicity, culture, disease status, tribal organization, or any other mechanism. This course will also explain to users that it is incumbent upon them to understand the populations and groups they choose to study well enough to identify topics and attributes that are potentially sensitive for that group.

Course III: Research Security and Privacy Protections: Provides awareness training in understanding basic principles of data security and privacy statutes and recognizing national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information, including electronic personal health information. This course will also provide awareness on requirements for and the importance of protecting

The Data User Code of Conduct is an agreement that outlines the program’s expectations for researchers. Once access is granted and a Data User Code of Conduct is in place, notify program staff at