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All of Us Research Program

What is it?


The All of Us Research Program, an initiative spearheaded by the National Institutes of Health, aims to accelerate health research discoveries that enable individualized healthcare by building one of the world's largest and most diverse databases for health research. In order to continue its effort to include participants from historically underrepresented groups in health research, the program plans to encourage the enrollment of one million or more participants to contribute to the health data.

Access to this unique program's dataset can be found in the cloud-based All of Us Researcher Workbench.


All of Us Research Hub

The All of Us  Research Program's health data is stored in the All of Us Research Hub. Health data can be accessed for research in the following data access tiers: (UMBC has access to all three tiers)

  • Public Tier: Contains only aggregate-level health data with identifying information redacted. Data can be found in the Research Hub's Data Snapshots and Data Browser sections.
  • Registered Tier: Includes datasets containing individual-level health data. Data such as electronic health records (EHRs), wearable biotechnology, and surveys can be found here. Note: Access to this tier is only available to approved researchers in the Researcher Workbench
  • Controlled Tier: Contains genomic data in the form of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and genotyping arrays, previously-suppressed demographic data fields from EHRs and surveys, and unshifted dates of events. Note: Access to this tier is only available to approved researchers in the Research Workbench