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All of Us Research Program


"The All of Us Research Program takes seriously its core values and its responsibility to its research participants, thus valuing high levels of transparency and recognition of participants as partners. All of Us’ position as a government-funded program with unprecedented diversity of participants makes it even more important that the results of research emerging from its data and biospecimens are made widely and rapidly accessible."

To further the goals outlined above, The All of Us Research Program has several requirements (see below) of users and researchers wanting to use its data in publications and presentations. 


All of Us Research Program: Publication and Presentation Policy (Full text document)


Work that uses All of Us data must honor the contribution of individuals who take part in the All of Us Research Program. This includes acknowledgement in all oral and written presentations, disclosures, and publications resulting from any analyses of the data.

Funding Acknowledgement Statement
Any resources developed with project funds must include this acknowledgment of NIH grant support:

"This project received funding through the Oak Ridge Associated Universities under an agreement with the National Library of Medicine."

As a condition of data access, All of Us Researcher Workbench Users must inform All of Us of any upcoming publications resulting from access to All of Us Research Program data at least 2 weeks prior to the date of publication or presentation by contacting User Support in their All of Us Researcher Workbench account. This includes peer-reviewed manuscripts, conference abstracts, and presentations.

All of Us Researcher Workbench Users must also submit an electronic version of the final, peer-reviewed manuscript to PubMed Central immediately upon its acceptance for publication so that it may be made publicly available no later than 3 months after the official date of publication.

In addition to these requirements, All of Us requests that researchers notify the Program of any publications or presentations, so they can be included in a list of publications as well as be promoted as part of the Program outreach and engagement efforts.