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Arts & Humanities LibGuide Template

Find Specialized Resources

[This tab can be used to share specialized, discipline-specific resources, such as playscripts for Theatre, or music scores for Music. Share databases, links, or call number ranges to direct researchers to the specific resources. The example of playscripts is used below as a model, but feel free to adjust and tailor the template to whatever would be most relevant for the subject discipline.]

Find Playscripts


Search for Playscripts in the Library Collection

Search for a book or media item by keyword:
Prefer advanced search? Click here.


You can also search for specific plays in the Library catalog by using the "Books, Music, Video" search tab (see above). Type the name of the play in quotes and follow with the playwright's last name. For example, if you were trying to locate a playscript of The White Card by Claudine Rankine, you could search for the following: 

"The White Card" and Rankine

Click search, and then review results. 

Here is a screenshot of the results in the Library catalog. This play is located within the UMBC Library and has the following call number (circled in yellow): PS3568.A572 W45 2019. Playscripts and other books with a P call number are located on the 4th floor of the UMBC Library. If you have any questions, you can ask at the Check Out desk on the Library 1st floor.