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Arts & Humanities LibGuide Template

Getting Started

Welcome to the _[Subject Name]_ Research Guide. This guide provides links to major databases, books, images, streaming videos, and more in your area of study. Scroll below to see most used resources for getting started on your research. Click on the tabs in the left navigation bar to see more in-depth and comprehensive resources.

[Recommended: Consider embedding a brief video that provides an overview of the guide and how to navigate it. If desired, add more text to discuss key resources in the discipline.]

[For the purposes of this template, either generic Arts & Humanities or specific Dance, Music, and Theatre subject examples have been provided. Directional text meant for the librarian will be provided in brackets, and should be removed when creating subject guides for the public.] 


Research Guide Video Overview

Most Used Resources

[Tabbed boxed titles can be changed. Here are some options: Most Used Databases, Books/Ebooks, Core journals, Primary sources, Images/Video

May include a link to the left navigation page at the bottom of each tabs box to encourage students to research further]


For additional article databases, explore the "Find Articles" tab


For additional Primary Source materials, explore the "Primary Source" tab


Explore the "Find Images and Videos" tab for additional resources


[This "Other" tab is optional. Feel free to use it for additional resources useful to the discipline]