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Recommended Reference Books and Ebooks

[For Recommended Reference Books and Ebooks, consider the following: 

  • Limit this to the top 5-7 resources for your subject area. 
  • Consider sharing the Book search widget and the Call number range for subject area.
  1. Add books using the "Add Book from the Catalog" link at the bottom of the box. 
  2. Copy the ISBN from the catalog (either catalogusmai or WorldCat UMBC) to find info for the book. (If the information isn't available, you will have to manually enter the book details.)
  3. New book information must include: Title, Call Number, (short) Description, Size of Image (small), Author. Do not include ISBN number (delete once you've used the Find Info feature).
    • If you want to include cover art, use images from WorldCat UMBC by copying the image location. 
    • If you do not wish to include cover art, check the 'None' box.
    • Whichever choice you make, please keep it consistent for all books added.  (i.e. Either all books have art or none have art.)
  4. Link to e-books. Make sure "Add proxy URL to the front of this link" box is checked. You may also want to check the UMBC icon to indicate that off-campus access is limited to current UMBC students, faculty and staff.

See below some recommended general Arts and Humanities Reference resources.]

Please browse the Reference shelves in the [insert call number range for your subject] section for other valuable resources.

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