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This page highlights the animated DVDs that can be loaned from the library. To find specific titles, search the catalog by title, actor/director, or keyword.

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Animated Films DVD List

Princess Anastasia has been missing ever since the Russian revolution.
Call Number: UMDVD 3638

Animal Farm
A group of farm animals successfully revolts against their cruel human owner, only to be enslaved anew.
Call Number: UMDVD 6284

Brother Bear
Kenai is transformed into the creature he hates most while out for revenge for his brother.
Call Number: UMDVD 8039

The Cat Returns
A young girl saves the life of a noble cat and is rewarded with a shocking marriage proposal.
Call Number: UMDVD 2987

A young girl discovers an alternate version of her life after walking through a secret door.
Call Number: UMDVD 5079

Ernest & Celestine
Unlike her fellow mice, Celestine is an artist and a dreamer, and forms an unlikely bond with a bear.
Call Number: UMDVD 9284

Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone
The lonely Shinji struggles to accept responsibility for mankind's battle for survival.
Call Number: UMDVD 8189

Finding Nemo
The young clownfish Nemo is carried far from home, and his overprotective father sets out to find him.
Call Number: UMDVD 716

Garden of Words
Two strangers strike up an unusual relationship as they meet in the same garden every rainy day.
Call Number: UMDVD 10217

The Great Mouse Detective
Sherlock Holmes of Mousedom travels through London in pursuit of a mystery.
Call Number: UMDVD 6652

The Hobbit: The Original Animated Classic
Bilbo Baggins is asked to recover a fabulous treasure stolen from friendly dwarves.
Call Number: UMDVD 8802

The Incredibles
Fifteen years after turning in the cape, Bob realizes the world needs a superfamily to save it.
Call Number: UMDVD 1483

The Iron Giant
A young boy must keep his new (50-foot tall robot) friend a secret from a nosey government agent.
Call Number: UMDVD 4167

Lilo & Stitch
Lilo, a young Hawaiian girl, mistakes the alien Experiment #626 for a dog and adopts it.
Call Number: UMDVD 8045

Meet the Robinsons
The brilliant young inventor Lewis sets off on a time-traveling journey to find the family he never knew.
Call Number: UMDVD 3589

Miss Hokusai
O-Ei, daughter of the revered painter Hokusai, seeks to come into her own as an artist and encounters the bustle of Edo.
Call Number: UMDVD 10199

A Monster in Paris
An odd-ball group works to save a monster from the city's ruthlessly ambitious police chief.
Call Number: UMDVD 9657

Moon Man
The man on the moon travels to Earth in boredom, but soon has to evade the President.
Call Number: UMDVD 9028

Monster House
Three adventurous kids set out to save their neighborhood from a living and breathing house.
Call Number: UMDVD 3576

Clever Mulan proves her worth when she bravely takes her father's place in the Imperial Army.
Call Number: UMDVD 685

My Dog Tulip
The story of a man who rescues a German shepherd and how the two became fast friends.
Call Number: UMDVD 6514

The story of Marji Satrapi through the 1979 Iranian Revolution and schooling in Vienna.
Call Number: UMDVD 4182

A goldfish named Ponyo desires to be human, but this upsets the balance of nature.
Call Number: UMDVD 6653

The Prince of Egypt
A tale of two brothers whose strong childhood bond is disrupted by the truth of one's secret past.
Call Number: UMDVD 4527

The Prophet
Kamila works for the exiled poet Mustafa while keeping her free-spirited young daughter, Almitra, out of trouble.
Call Number: UMDVD 9822

The Red Turtle
A castaway experiences major life stages on a deserted tropical island populated by turtles, crabs, and birds.
Call Number: UMDVD 10232

The Secret of NIMH
Mrs. Brisby becomes a hero in spite of herself with the help of a crow, an owl, and some rats.
Call Number: UMDVD 7325

The Simpsons Movie
After a series of unfortunate accidents, the Simpsons move to Alaska.
Call Number: UMDVD 3847

The Song of the Sea
Saoirse and Ben encounter a host of ancient and mythical characters on their journey.
Call Number: UMDVD 9263

Space Jam
Michael Jordan must help a team of Warner Bros. characters defeat a group of aliens in a basketball game.
Call Number: UMDVD 7754

Spirited Away
A young girl must call upon her hidden courage to free herself and her parents from a strange world of spirits.
Call Number: UMDVD 948

The Tale of Princess Kaguya
A tiny girl found inside a bamboo stalk grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady.
Call Number: UMDVD 9304

Tales of the Night
A collection of animated fables by the renowned storyteller Michel Ocelot.
Call Number: UMDVD 10196

Toy Story 3
The toys are mistakenly donated to a local daycare facility as Andy prepares to leave for college.
Call Number: UMDVD 5951

The Triplets of Belleville
After he's kidnapped, a bicyclist's grandmother tracks him down with the help of a musical trio gone to seed.
Call Number: UMDVD 879

A waste management robot finds a new purpose in life after hundreds of lonely years.
Call Number: UMDVD 4602

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
The two chums must catch a veg-ravaging "beast" who is ruining the town's prized vegetable plots.
Call Number: UMDVD 4125

Watership Down
A community of rabbits seek safety and happiness after their warren comes under terrible threat.
Call Number: UMDVD 9119

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The hapless Roger Rabbit is framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, who was last seen with Roger's wife Jessica.
Call Number: UMDVD 1225