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Anthropology & Sociology

This guide provides an overview of recent DVDs that may interest researchers in the Anthropology and Sociology fields. Additional titles can be accessed through the library catalog; you can search by keyword, person, genre, or title.

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Suggested keywords: ethnology, anthropologists, families, social classes, social conditions

We also provide access to a number of streaming video resources, including the Ethnographic Video Online database.

Anthropology & Sociology DVDs

After the Immigrant: A Documentary Series About Ethnicity and Its Many Meanings
Examines issues of assimilation, class structure, language, and ethics on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. border.
Call Number: UMDVD 5268

Explores the world of heavily tattooed women and female tattoo artists in the U.S.
Call Number: UMDVD 7676

Sculpts a collage of a grand city teetering on the brink of dissolution.
Call Number: UMDVD 7725

An Ecology of Mind
Portrays the story of Gregory Bateson as told by his youngest daughter and his own 1930s films.
Call Number: UMDVD 7570

Everything is Relatives
Reviews the life and work of social anthropologist William Rivers.
Call Number: UMDVD 7790

Family & Social Change
Illustrates changes in the structure, organization, and culture of family and its context in wider social change.
Call Number: UMDVD 9143

The Family Album
Uses home movies, oral histories, and family recordings to track the changing face of the American family.
Call Number: UMDVD 9123

Fashion and Clothing
Discusses the origins of clothing, its symbolism, sexism in fashion, body piercing and tattooing, and more.
Call Number: UMDVD 518

Explores the career of Walter Baldwin Spencer and his studies of aboriginal Australians.
Call Number: UMDVD 7789

Four Families
Compares family life in India, France, Japan, and Canada, focusing on a child's upbringing.
Call Number: UMDVD 7009

Girls: Entering the Teen Years
Delves into the biological, psychological, and sociological phenomena that define puberty and adolescence.
Call Number: UMDVD 6072

Home Economics
Reveals the deep human costs of suburbanization and automobilization through candid interviews.
Call Number: UMDVD 5614

The "In" Crowd and Social Cruelty
Examines popularity and social abuse in middle and high schools, as well as anti-bullying efforts.
Call Number: UMDVD 1934

Navajo Film Themselves
Group of silent films made in 1966 by Navajo living in or near the community of Pine Springs, Arizona.
Call Number: UMDVD 8327

North Korea: A Day in the Life
Follows the daily routines of a typical North Korean family.
Call Number: UMDVD 6387

On the Edge: America's Working Poor
Examines the working poor in the U.S., wherein one unexpected expense could mean financial ruin.
Call Number: UMDVD 5270

People Like Us
Shows how social class plays a role in the lives of all Americans.
Call Number: UMDVD 2281

Preschool in Three Cultures Revisited: Japan, China, and the United States
Shows typical school days in China, Japan, and the United States.
Call Number: UMDVD 5456

Profit & Nothing But! or, Impolite Thoughts on the Class Struggle
Contrasts the rhetoric of capitalism with the day-to-day lives of people in Haiti.
Call Number: UMDVD 7291

The Shackles of Tradition
Profiles the German physicist who shaped the course of American anthropology.
Call Number: UMDVD 7893

Strange Beliefs
Details the work of Edward Evans-Pritchard and his studies with the Azande and Nuer tribes.
Call Number: UMDVD 7894

Taboo: The Complete First Season
Offers an insider's view of closed worlds traditionally off-limits to outsiders.
Call Number: UMDVD 757