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HBO & Showtime

This guide provides an overview of the HBO & Showtime titles owned by the library. Additional titles can be accessed through the library catalog; you can search by keyword, person, genre, or title.

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HBO & Showtime DVDs (Selections)

Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony
Tells the story of black South African freedom music and the central role it played against apartheid.
Call Number: UMDVD 3764

The Borgias (Season 1)   (Season 2)   (Season 3)
The saga of a crime family in 1492 Italy.
Call Number: UMDVD 6897 / 7537 / 8187

Californication (Season 1)   (Season 2)   (Season 3)   (Season 4)
A self-loathing, alcoholic writer attempts to repair his damaged relationships with his daughter and her mother.
Call Number: UMDVD 6846 / 6847 / 6848 / 6849

The Case Against 8
A behind-the-scenes look inside the historic case to overturn California's ban on same-sex marriage.
Call Number: UMDVD 9177

Dexter (Season 1)  (Season 2)  (Season 3)  (Season 4)  (Season 5)  (Season 6)  (Season 7)  (Season 8)
A Miami police forensics expert moonlights as a serial killer of criminals whom he believes have escaped justice.
Call Number: UMDVD 4433 / 4434 / 5155 / 6096 / 6734 / 7822 / 7800 / 8838

Finding Buck McHenry
A young boy suspects his baseball coach is really an old legend who disappeared years ago.
Call Number: UMDVD 7992

Generation Kill
A unique and intimate portrait of the first 40 days of the Iraq war from the perspective of the Marines.
Call Number: UMDVD 4716

John Adams
The life of one of the USA's founding fathers, its second President, and his role in the nation's first 50 years.
Call Number: UMDVD 4173

The L Word (Season 1) (Season 2) (Season 3) (Season 4) (Season 5) (Season 6)
A group of lesbian and bisexual women experience life in Los Angeles.
Call Number: UMDVD 4653 / 4654 / 4655 / 4656 / 4657 / 5213

The Laramie Project
The true story of an American town in the wake of the murder of Matthew Shepard.
Call Number: UMDVD 55

Penny Dreadful (Season 1)   (Season 2)
An explorer, a medium, a gunslinger, and a scientist unite to combat the supernatural in Victorian London.
Call Number: UMDVD 9873 / 9874

Queer as Folk: The Complete Series
A group of gay men and women experience life in Pittsburgh.
Call Number: UMDVD 4600

Sometimes in April
Based on the 1994 Rwandan genocide, where an estimated 800,000 people were killed over the course of 100 days.
Call Number: UMDVD 3751

Sonic Highways
Follows the rock group Foo Fighters as they explore eight American music capitols.
Call Number: UMDVD 9314

Sucker Free City
Racial tension erupts and emotions collide when three young gang members infringe on each other's territory.
Call Number: UMDVD 7166

Temple Grandin
An engaging portrait of an autistic young woman who became a leader in the animal husbandry and cattle field.
Call Number: UMDVD 7012

The Tudors (Season 1)  (Season 2)  (Season 3)  (Season 4)
A dramatic series about the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII.
Call Number: UMDVD 4495 / 4702 / 5367 / 6621

Trust Me: Shalom, Salaam, Peace
A chronicle of 33 children attending an interfaith summer camp in the wake of 9/11.
Call Number: UMDVD 7402

Very Young Girls
An expose of human trafficking that follows American girls as they are seduced, abused, and sold.
Call Number: UMDVD 6957

When The Levees Broke: A Reqiuem in Four Acts
Tells the harrowing story of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans through four different aspects.
Call Number: UMDVD 2682