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HIST 496: Protest, Unrest, and Change in American History

Books: as Primary and Secondary Sources

Books: For any major event or social movement you will find there are both published secondary (many) and primary (fewer) sources - how you search is crucial. Individual names can be used to search for both- either as author (for primary sources) or subject (secondary sources). Use CATALOGUSMAI (for resources in the USM libraries) .

Use this quick quide for help in locating ebooks in the UMBC collections.  


[Primary source]  Stanton, Elizabeth Cady [as author]Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony : Their Place Inside the Body-Politic, 1887 to 1895 (Rutgers University Press, 2009)

[Secondary source]  Stanton, Elizabeth Cady [as subject]:  "Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the feminist foundations of family law" / Tracy Thomas (NYU Press 2016)

General  searching for secondary sources can be  done using this search or similar in the Books, Media advance search tab: 

sample search