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Radical Literature

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Books, Articles, and other Resources about Radical Literature

Here are some of the articles that can be found within UMBC's databases (search for more articles using the AOK OneSearch for Articles (second box on this page) :

Lonardo, Michael. 1994. “The International Labour and Radical History Pamphlet Collection at Memorial University of Newfoundland.” Labour / Le Travail 34: 211–15. doi:10.2307/25143851.

Birkinshaw, Catherine. 2007. “Revolutionary Pamphlet Propaganda, 1788-1789.” French Studies Bulletin: A Quarterly Supplement 102: 6–15. doi:10.1093/frebul/ktl047.

McMillian, John. “‘Our Founder, the Mimeograph Machine’: Participatory Democracy in Students for a Democratic Society’s Print Culture.” Journal for the Study of Radicalism 2, no. 2 (September 2008): 85–110. doi:10.1353/jsr.0.0010

Ned Kehde. 1970. “The New Left and a New Age of Pamphlets: Recommendations for a Radical Pamphlet Library.” American Libraries 1 (9): 873–76.,url,uid&db=edsjsr&AN=edsjsr.25618061&site=eds-live&scope=site.

Rhodes, Jane. 2009. “The Black Press and Radical Print Culture.” In A History of the Book in America, Volume 5: The Enduring Book: Print Culture in Postwar America, edited by David Paul Nord, Joan Shelley Rubin, and Michael Schudson, 286–303. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.,url,uid&db=mzh&AN=2009382154&site=eds-live&scope=site.

Ferretti, Federico. 2017. “Publishing Anarchism: Pyotr Kropotkin and British Print Cultures, 1876–1917.” Journal of Historical Geography 57 (July): 17–27. doi:10.1016/j.jhg.2017.04.006.

Fay, Brendan. 2020. “Becoming Socialist: Print Culture and the Global Revolutionary Moment, 1880–1914.” Information & Culture 55 (2): 130–48. doi:10.7560/ic55202.

Thatcher, Ian D. 2016. “The Russian Revolutionary Constitution and Pamphlet Literature in the 1917 Russian Revolution.” Europe-Asia Studies 68 (10): 1635–53. doi:10.1080/09668136.2016.1184231.





Below are some selected theses and dissertations. Search Proquest Dissertations & Theses Global for more resources on radical literature (must be signed in with UMBC login):

Silva, Marie Louise. 2010. "Radical Reading: Print Culture and the San Francisco Labor Movement, 1880-1889." Order No. 1488153, San Jose State University.

Martinek, Jason D. 2005. "“Mental Dynamite”: Radical Literacy and American Socialists' Print Culture of Dissent, 1897–1917." Order No. 3193409, Carnegie Mellon University.

Sangrey, Trevor Joy. 2012. "“Put One More ‘s’ in the USA”: Communist Pamphlet Literature and the Productive Fiction of the Black Nation Thesis." Order No. 3521817, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Johnson, Jeffrey Alan. 2004. "Socialist Party Politics and Activism in the Northwest, 1895–1925." Order No. 3160477, Washington State University.

Belmonte, Laura Ann. 1996. "Defending a Way of Life: American Propaganda and the Cold War, 1945-1959." Order No. 9708633, University of Virginia.