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Health Literacy Newsletter: Spring 2021

Living during a Pandemic--Updates for 2021

Though it's a new year, the pandemic is still among us. For the spring semester, revisit official information sources on COVID-19 spread and prevention, learn about the current state of the vaccine, explore data tools to help you learn more about the pandemic, and get tips on refreshing your work from home situation.

COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

Two vaccines are already in use across the country, and more are awaiting approval. Learn about the development of the vaccine and how to sign up for receiving the vaccine once it becomes available to you:

  • UMBC Vaccine Plan -- Includes information on current vaccine news and President Hrabowski's town hall presentation on UMBC's role in vaccine development. 
  • Baltimore Co. Survey -- Baltimore County residents who want to be vaccinated should complete this form. Form lets you identify which group or groups you might belong to which would put you into a higher priority for receiving a vaccine. All UMBC employees may fill out the form, regardless of whether or not they live in Baltimore County. Please mark "Education sector (Higher Ed)" for the employment question. 
  • Maryland's Vaccine Information Hub -- Learn about what vaccination phase the state is in, who qualifies in which stages, what vaccines are currently in use, and more.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations in Maryland -- Once you're eligible to receive the vaccine, find a nearby clinic using this locator. 

Current State of COVID-19

  • CDC's Your Health page for COVID-19 -- Refresh your knowledge on best practices for avoiding exposure, identifying symptoms, and treating COVID-19 if you or a loved one becomes ill. 
  • MD COVID Alert -- Be alerted about possible COVID exposures through your smartphone by opting in to Exposure Notifications or downloading a free app.

COVID-19 Data Tools

Interested in examining the data behind the COVID-19 pandemic, whether for your own health or out of curiosity? These tools offer lots of options to examine and understand the many statistics that are being tracked.