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Health Literacy Newsletter: Fall 2020


The Library's Health Literacy Working Group will be putting out short newsletters once a semester to bring you news and entertainment related to health, science, and medicine. This Fall 2020 newsletter is focused on the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM). As a member of this network, the Library has access to free trainings, online and travelling exhibitions, funding opportunities, and more. Below, we have gathered some resources to give you a taste of what NNLM offers and start you on your own exploration of their resources. Enjoy!

-Semhar Yohannes, Dakota Boodhoo, Susan Morris, & Aimee Plaisance

Virtual Exhibit

Illustration of white woman's head surrounded by a book and a panel from a comic

The NNLM provides traveling and online exhibitions free of charge to public, university, and medical libraries, as well as cultural centers across the country. 

Some exhibits you might enjoy: 

Free Classes

ABCs of DNA: Unraveling the Mystery of Genetics Information for Consumers: The class will cover genomic health literacy and provide reliable resources regarding health conditions with a genetic component, privacy, genetic testing, and precision medicine. 

Beyond the Binary: Health Resources for Sexual and Gender MinoritiesThe purpose of this course is to provide culturally sensitive health information resources for Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) populations and the librarians, health care practitioners, and others who support them. 

Are You Ready? Essential Diaster Health Information Resources for Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe: This class covers NLM disaster health information and other emergency preparedness resources for community educators, families, friends and caregivers. Resources for special populations and those with special needs are highlighted. 

Latest Free Class

Reading Club

About: The NNLM Reading Club is a selection of “ready-to-use” book titles along with free and downloadable questions and materials designed to help libraries support the health information needs in their communities.

Selected books: Fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, graphic novels, and young adult titles

Reading Club Book Kits: Want to own a "program-in-a-box?" The NNLM Reading Club Book Kit can be requested and shipped free of charged.

Reading Club Selection