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Add Funding Information

Add Funding Information

You can add information about grants, awards, or other types of funding to your ORCID profile. Trusted organizations can also update your funding information--look for the green ID icon when you submit grants to make the funding organization a trusted organization. There are two additional methods of adding funding:


Import Awards from Dimensions (a comprehensive research grants database)

Go to "Add Funding" then "Search & link" and select "DimensionsWizard." Grant authorization, and you'll be taken to their website. Search for grants you've received, then link them to your ORCID record.


Add Funding Manually

Go to "Add Funding" then "Add Manually." A form will open to enter your award information. Note that each award should be entered separately, even if awards are for the same project. Fill in the form as fully as possible. Note that the title of the funded project is required. 


Add Peer Review and Service Affiliation Information

Peer Review, Membership and Service Information

Peer review information can appear in both the Peer Review and Membership and Service Information Sections of your ORCID. The Peer Review section of your ORCID can only be populated by trusted organization. You can add information to the Membership and Service Section of your ORCID including information on peer reviews not populated into the Peer Review Section by a trusted organization.


Peer Review

Typically the organization that you're doing the review for requests your ORCID ID and permission to update your ORCID record. It adds the item you peer reviewed once the review is complete. The peer review section can include evaluations of journal articles and books, as well as conference programs, grant award applications, and hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions. 

View the ORCID help documentation on peer review here:


Membership and Service

The Membership Section of your ORCID includes information on your membership in organizations and your donation of time or other resources to organizations. Trusted organizations can populate this section, and you can also populate it yourself.

View the ORCID help documentation on membership and services here:

Add Invited Positions and Distinctions

Add Invited Positions and Distinctions

This sections includes awards, fellowships, honorary degrees, etc. Trusted Organizations can update this section for you, or you can add information manually. 

View the ORCID help document on invited positions and distinctions here:


Invited Positions

Invited positions can include any non-paid positions such as honorary fellow, guest researcher, emeritus professor, etc. Paid positions go in the employment section.



Distinctions can include trophies, cash prizes, medals, honorary degrees, etc. 


Add Research Resources

Research Resources

This section of your ORCID is for resources that you use for you research, such as special collections, laboratories, or any special equipment. Trusted organizations can add information to this section, or you can add it yourself. 

View the ORCID help documentation on research resources here: