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Lockers & Study Rooms

Types of Study Rooms

  1. Reservable Study Rooms (Groups or individuals can make a reservation for one of these 20 study rooms. Available for up to a three (3) hour period.)
  2. Open Study Rooms (These 12 rooms are left open for students to use on a first-come, first-served basis. Each room has four seats.)
  3. Presentation Practice Room (Available for a three (3) hour period on a first-come-first-served basis for UMBC faculty, students or staff. No renewals are permitted.)
  4. Faculty Study Rooms (Available to UMBC faculty. Emeritus faculty, visiting faculty and researchers must be sponsored by a UMBC faculty member or the Library Director to be assigned a room. 


Open space lockers are available to UMBC students, faculty, and staff for one (1) semester. Over 200 lockers are located on floors 3 through 7. For more information and a link to the online application form, see the Lockers page.

Retriever Learning Center Seminar Room

Need a place to practice a presentation? Want to meet with a study group? The Retriever Learning Center (RLC) Seminar Room includes a small conference table, large-screen monitor, and a projector with cables to connect to your laptop.

Use our RLC Room Reservation Form to reserve space.