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UMBC: an Honors University in Maryland

Lockers & Study Rooms

Room Availability

Group study rooms
Study rooms with computer
Presentation Practice Room

Types of Study Rooms

  1. Group Study Rooms (Available for a two (2) hour period on a first-come-first-served basis to two (2) or more UMBC faculty, students or staff.)
  2. Graduate Study Space (each with four seats and four lockable bins which may be assigned to UMBC enrolled graduate students).  These study rooms are unlocked and may be used by others when the graduate students assigned to them are not using them. Note: We are temporarily unable to issue keys for Graduate Study Bins. We apologize for any inconvenience.)
  3. Presentation Practice Room (Available for a two (2) hour period on a first-come-first-served basis for UMBC faculty, students or staff.)
  4. Faculty Study Rooms (Available to UMBC faculty. Emeritus faculty, visiting faculty and researchers must be sponsored by a UMBC faculty member or the Library Director to be assigned a room.)



Open space lockers are available to UMBC students, faculty, and staff for one (1) semester. Over 200 lockers are located on floors 3 through 7. For more information and a link to the online application form, see the Lockers page.

Retriever Learning Center Seminar Room

Need a place to practice a presentation? Want to meet with a study group? The Retriever Learning Center (RLC) Seminar Room includes a small conference table, large-screen monitor, and a projector with cables to connect to your laptop.

Use our RLC Room Reservation Form to reserve space.