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HIST 350: History of Western Medicine

Books: as Primary and Secondary Sources

Books: For topics with long histories, your easiest access to both secondary and primary sources is from material that has been published for distribution. Individual names can be used for locating both (see examples). Older published material that is now out of copyright (pre-1924) may be available through HathiTrust.       Use this quick quide for help in locating ebooks in the UMBC collections.  

This search in the Books, Media tab on the Library homepage will  show what's available at UMBC. 




This search returns 453 records, 80 of which are ebooks. Representative titles from this search [limited to ebooks]:

Primary sources, usually diaries, letters, logbooks, church records, etc. can also so be discovered with this search. Add another line to the search: AND 'sources or documents or narratives" to retrieve published primary sources. There will be fewer titles. Examples:


Full- text book collections (Loeb will contain Galen and Hippocrates, Oxford and Cambridge will have titles from all eras)