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Virtual Study Room: Home

With AOK Library's Virtual Study Room (VSR), you can find community among your fellow Retrievers in an engaging and supportive study environment.

The VSR is a Discord server that is available 24/7. For access, join Discord's UMBC Student Hub and find our server under the "Social & Study" section.

For Fall 2023, Library student staff provide academic support during these hours:

Tuesdays: 4 PM  - 7 PM

Wednesdays and Thursdays: 1 PM  - 7 PM 

What to Expect

The "group study" Channels

Our main channel is the "group study room" text channel - the place where you can do homework alongside your peers and hold yourself accountable with updates on your progress. Complain or totally nerd out about what you're working on. Share study tips. The works! It is a text channel that has the following corresponding features:

  • "group study, beats"- a voice channel for conversation and music listening. You can add songs to the queue for a collaborative music listening experience, or just listen to the music while you study!
  • "beats requests"- you guessed it. A text channel for adding your songs to the “group study, beats” queue.
  • "group study, no beats"- a conversation-only voice channel for those who don’t want music in the mix.

Other Channels

In addition to the group study channels, we’re especially fond of these guys:

  • "lobby"- a text channel for hanging out, meeting your friends, and chatting with other students and library staff.
  • "research help desk"- a text channel for asking library staff questions that you might have for your assignments and the resources available to you at the library.

Staff members will pop in every now and then to answer questions and build community. We hope to see you there!


This virtual study room is set up as a shared community that is welcoming and respectful of all. Those who engage in inappropriate behavior will be immediately removed from the room. Offensive, obscene, threatening, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate language or content sharing is strictly prohibited.