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Virtual Study Room: Home

Due to updates, the Virtual Study Room will reopen in October 2022.

We are working with students to revamp our study space for an improved experience! Check back with us in early October for our new setup and schedule.

When the Virtual Study Room reopens:

With AOK Library's Virtual Study Room (VSR), you can work alongside your fellow Retrievers for a focused study environment.

The VSR is a Discord server that is available 24/7. Join here:  

Find more information about getting started on Discord

What to Expect

Once you join the “study support from staff” voice channel, an AOK Library staff member will greet you in the corresponding text channel and ask you what you're working on. You don't need to share if you'd rather not, but doing so might help you keep on task!

The staff member will check in with you periodically to ask you how your work is going and if you need any help.

You have the option to show your face, which can help you to stay focused and at your computer. But this is totally optional. Your microphone will be muted when you join the “study support from staff” channel, communication will happen via the corresponding text channel.

Instrumental music will be playing, and you can adjust the volume by right-clicking on the “Rhythm” bot in the list of study room users. 

This virtual study room is set up as a shared community that is welcoming and respectful of all. Those who engage in inappropriate behavior will be immediately removed from the room. Offensive, obscene, threatening, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate language or content sharing is strictly prohibited.