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History and Resources Related to Parapsychology (Special Collections)

Notable books in Special Collections

We have over 150 books pertaining to the study of Parapsychology. The umbrella of Parapsychology what covers is contested; our collection is rather eclectic and includes many topics from mysticism to UFOs.

The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism, Hereward Carrington.

  • 2nd edition (1908), call number: Gen BF1371 .C3 1908
  • 3rd edition (1920), call number: BF1371 .C3 1920

The Reach of the Mind, Joseph Banks Rhine (1947), call number Para BF1031 .R38
A General Survey of Psychical Phenomena, Helen C. Lambert (1928), call number Gen BF1031 .L25
The Case For And Against Psychical Belief, Carl Murchison (1927), call number Para BF1023 .M8
On the Threshold of the Unseen, William F. Barrett (1917) call number Gen and Para BF1031 .B3

  • 1918 edition, call number Gen BF1031 .B3 1918 and available through the Internet Archive

Psychical Research: A Guide to its History, Principles, and Practices by the Society for Psychical Research (1982), call number Para BF1031 .P793 1982
Parapsychology: Its Relation to Physics, Biology, Psychology, and Psychiatry, Gertrude R. Schmeidler (1976), call number Gen BF1021 .P36

The world of Ted Serios; "thoughtographic" studies of an extraordinary mind, Jule Eisenbud (1967), call number Para BF1027.S46 E35

  • 2nd edition (1989), call number Para BF1027.S46 E35 1989

'Spirit’ Photography, Simeon Edmunds (1965), call number Para BF1381 .E3 
Mental Radio, Upton Sinclar (1930), call number Para BF1171 .S55 1930 
Handbook of Tests in Parapsychology, Betty M. Humphrey (1948), call number BF1040.5 .H86 1948
100 Years of Spirit Photography, Tom Patterson (1965), call number Para BF1471 .P37 1965
Mesmerism in India, and its Practical Application in Surgery and Medicine, James Esdaile (1850), call number Para RZ430 .E817 1850

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Archival parapsychology collections


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  • Phenomena
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  • Paranormal
  • Psychical Research
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  • Telepathy
  • Mediums
  • Possession/Exorcism 
  • Astral Projection
  • Mysticism
  • Immortality
  • Prophecy
  • UFOs
  • Unconsciousness