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Citing Sources

Why Use Cite While You Write?

Use the Cite While You Write™ plug-in to insert and format citations and bibliographies automatically while you write your papers in MS Word.

Install Cite While You Write™

1. Login to EndNote Basic

2. Click the Download Installers link at the bottom of every EndNote Basic page

3. Download and install Cite While You Write™ plugin

4. Enter EndNote Basic username/password information to allow auto login and access

Enter EndNote Basic Citations in Word Documents

1. Open MS Word document

2. Click on the EndNote Basic toolbar and sign into your account

3. Set cursor in the position where a citation is to be inserted

4. Click on the EndNote Basic toolbar and select Find Citations

5. Enter and search citation title keywords or author name

6. Highlight the citation to be inserted

7. Click Insert

Questions or Comments

Have a question about EndNote Basic? Contact Katy Sullivan at or 410-455-3604.