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UMBC: an Honors University in Maryland

AOK OneSearch

What is AOK OneSearch?

AOK OneSearch lets you...

  • Search many of the library’s collections at one time, including:
    • the full UMBC and USMAI catalogs of books, dvds, eBooks, and other media
    • article databases (including EBSCO, JSTOR, Oxford, Hoover's, ScienceDirect, AccessScience, Project Muse, and more)
    • photographs from Special Collections
    • A-to-Z Journal List
  • Narrow your search by date, peer review, source type, language, and more
  • Download, email, or save records or available full-text

When should I use it?

  • If you're doing basic or interdisciplinary research
  • If you don't know which database to start with
  • If you can use many types of resources (books and articles and media)

Sound good? Try it here: