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Digital Media Lab

Digital Media Lab Policies

General Policies

  • The Digital Media Lab (DML) is available for members of the UMBC community.  You may be asked to show your current UMBC ID before you are able to use the computers/equipment in the DML space.
  • DML equipment and spaces are primarily for academic use. Priority will be given to those needing computers and equipment for academic related purposes. Patrons using the equipment for non-academic purposes (game playing, web surfing) may be asked to leave. 
  • DML equipment may only be used in the Lab space.  It may not be used in any other part of the AOK Library or UMBC campus. 
  • Students are asked to be respectful and keep noise to a minimum.  Headphones are available for all audio projects. 
  • Any behavior that causes physical damage, alteration or corruption of equipment or computer configuration will be dealt with as a serious breach of responsible use.  You may be held financially responsible for damage to DML equipment. If you find that a piece of equipment/computer is not working properly please report it immediately to a DML Staff member.

Lab Assistance

DML Assistants can provide basic instructions for equipment and software.  Manuals for all the equipment will be available either online or in the DML.